Zimbabwe: Woman accused of bewitching her husband

A 24-year-old woman accused of bewitching her husband’s private part was imprisoned.

The woman named Memory Shiri was thrown in jail after the verdict of a Zimbabwean court.

In fact, her husband, Godwishes Magarira, aged 40, dragged her to Gutu’s court of first instance.

The latter revealed that he suffered from erectile dysfunction each time he was with his first wife.

Although Zimbabwe did not legislate witchcraft, the court learned that in 2016 Magarira told Shiri that he did not have an erection with his first wife, and she reportedly told him in the local language saying “ndakakusunga” (I bewitched you).

According to several concordant sources, after recognizing that she bewitched her husband’s private part, Magarira had also received a medical examination report to prove that he had sexual problems.

Prior to the conviction, Magarira accused Shiri of boasting that she could control her husband’s sex life.

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