10 behaviors that make others feel disappointed in you

You have so many social roles that you fail to cope with each of them at a high level. No matter how good a person you are, at the moment when you are tired or annoyed, you can ignore calls and messages, forget about important meetings, refuse to help, interrupt the person who pours out his soul to you. But it would help if you never forget that earning a person’s trust is very difficult, but you don’t have to try hard to make him disappointed in you. We have collected several of your actions that can spoil the impression of you from others.

When you criticize a person for no real reason

If you feel the need to criticize a person’s words and actions when you’re in a bad mood, then be sure that a good impression of you will quickly change to a feeling of disappointment. No matter how close and dear the person you criticize is for you, try to slow yourself down, not meddle in his life with unsolicited advice, not judge him, not knowing the whole situation, and not compare him with yourself.

The ability to remain silent is what makes you look your best. Criticize people only if you see that they are making the wrong decision, thereby ruining their lives.

When you refuse a request for help without explanation

This does not mean that you should forget about your boundaries and always come to the rescue of others. Just try to justify your refusal somehow. This will let the person understand that you care, and you would gladly help him if it were not for the circumstances.

When you share other people’s information with others

Gossipers and traitors are loved only by the same gossips and traitors. The rest of the people try to avoid communicating with such personalities because they perfectly understand that they can become the next heroes of your stories. If you have been entrusted with some information, try to keep it, thereby justifying the confidence of the interlocutor. You will not be able to win someone else’s favor if you repeatedly let people down who believed in your decency and honesty.

When you are late for important appointments

Being late is something that can ruin the impression of you. Especially if you are late for important meetings, for the sake of which the person has pushed all his business aside.

If you know that you are constantly late somewhere, it is better to free yourself and arrive at the meeting point earlier, but do not delay the other person.

When you allow yourself to speak badly about the person behind his back

Never discuss a person in a company where he is not. Please do not allow yourself to say impartial things about him because this is perceived as meanness and cowardice. If you have something to say to a person, say it only in his presence, and even better, if you talk about it one-on-one, and will not interfere with others in your conflict.

When you promise something and do not fulfill

When you promise something to a person, he adjusts his time, refuses important matters, hopes for you as one hundred percent option. Your sudden refusal, a message that you have urgent business, you are sick, overslept, or in any other way missed the opportunity to fulfill your promise, can lead to negative consequences. Never promise something if you are not 100% sure that you can do it.

When you joke at a person, not noticing that your words only laugh at you

A joke can be considered successful only when it is funny to you and the person you were joking with. In all other cases, the joke looks more like an attempt to offend the interlocutor, humiliate him, play on his shortcomings, and pressure the patient.

This does not paint you; on the contrary, the people around you will once again think about whether it is worth spending time communicating with a person like you. And even if someone laughs at such a joke with you, the person will surely imagine that someday he may be the subject of your “sparkling” humor.

When you try to manipulate a person

When you need to get something from a person, you can stoop to manipulation and provocation. And it will speak about you and your character brighter than a thousand words and good deeds.

People around you will sooner or later understand the true reasons for your behavior and realize that you tried to use them for your selfish purposes. After that, it will be extremely difficult to gain their trust because you will always be remembered as a manipulator.

When you think that those around you owe something

It’s time to come to terms with the fact that no one owes you anything, however, just as you don’t owe anything to anyone. If a person wants to help – he will do it, no – do not bother him with stupid questions about the reasons for his refusal.

Do not take other people’s support and participation in your life for granted, do not demand anything from relatives and friends – treat everything calmly and with understanding.

When you impose on a person

If you see that a person is not interested in communicating with you, then the best thing you can do is relieve him of his torment. This is done by those people who respect other people’s feelings and do not try to impose on someone. If you ignore all the verbal and non-verbal signals that it is time for you to leave, then soon, those around you will begin to avoid you

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