10 bizarre things to know about Rwanda: hug before a handshake

When you come across the word Rwanda, what comes to your mind? It’s probably the genocide against the Tutsi, ban of plastic bags, or 350 of the world’s 700 mountain gorillas living in Rwanda. There are bizarre things about Rwanda you never know.

Rwanda is among the poorest countries and one of the four most totalitarian regimes in Africa, which are at “zero degree” of freedom of expression. This country’s literacy rate is 70%, but 10 percent of the Rwandan population was killed in the first 100 days of the war. Rwanda is known as “The Land of a Thousand Hills”, but some facts about Rwanda never know.

10 bizarre things to know about Rwanda: hug before a handshake

Ten bizarre things to know about Rwandan people

1. Ndi Umunyarwanda: (I am Rwandan) is the first thing you learn once you arrive in Rwanda. It is a program initiated to build a sense of national identity based on trust and dignity.

2. Special greetings: Rwandans have unique greetings like shaking hands after a hug.

3. Eye contact: DO you have seduction eyes? Probably, Rwanda is not for you. They do not like eye contact, especially women.

4. As a monarchy: Rwanda existed as a centralized monarchy under the succession of kings, in 1899 became the German colony, in 1919 became a territory under the mandate of the League of Nations under Belgian rule. Rwanda gained independence in 1962.

5. Speak in parables: Sometimes, they are indirect in communication. They do not explicitly say what they want to say and expect listeners to get what they want to say.

6. First name: It is inappropriate and unacceptable for young people to address older people by their first name.

7. Dress code: Rwandans place a lot of importance on physical appearance, and people will be treated according to their dress code most of the time.

8. Red carpet welcome: Rwandans are very welcoming in their homes. They show this by giving you lots of food and offering food/drinks during a visit.

bizarre things to know about Rwanda: hug before a handshake

9. Low personal Taxi: Many people use buses and motorcycles to get around Kigali and outside in terms of transport.

10. They are clean: Rwandans are clean. Whether in the surroundings and uniform.

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