10 signs of a real girlfriend

They say that female friendship does not exist. We don’t want to believe it, do you? Of course, women are insidious creatures; you need to keep your ears open with them. But without a friend who listens to sobs for hours, blesses you before your first date, and covers you up when you’ve done something again, life would have lost its bright colors.

1. She will always come to the rescue

After the words “I need you,” a real friend will be there in half an hour without asking why.

2. She will always give the right advice

A good friend will replace you with highly qualified psychologists, nutritionists, fitness instructors, and stylists. This superwoman always knows where you are looking for sales and which movie will cheer you up.

3. She will never let you make a decision that you will regret the following day

Can’t stop yourself from texting your ex at night? Well, who, if not, she will stop you!

4. Only to her, you can show a photo where you are a little prettier than Shrek

And you will laugh together.

5. She can be trusted

You can ask her to find out everything about your new boyfriend

, and she can handle it as well. And most importantly, the list of former names and other juicy details of his past will remain your little secret.

6. You have common interests

You adore good books, delicious food, and travel, do not miss a single film premiere and have watched all the Gossip Girl series.

7. You have the same sense of humour

Let no one understand your subtle humour, but you always have fun together.

8. Similar views on life

If she is an ardent feminist, and you are an incurable romantic, she follows all fashion trends, and you can wear only jeans for a week – alas, you will not be together.

9. You are on the same diet

A real friend will always support you in this complicated matter and will strictly monitor whether you have eaten extra toast for breakfast.

10. She will always tell the truth

If not your best friend, who else will say that it’s time for you to lose weight or that pink doesn’t suit you at all. The rest will stubbornly flatter you.

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