10 signs that someone else’s life interests you more than yours

Some people are so busy with someone else’s life that they completely forget about their own. As a result: constant dissatisfaction, complete lack of understanding of what to do, unwillingness or inability to solve their problems. It is important to notice that your priorities have shifted to the wrong place, take up your mind, and start working on yourself. We have collected several signs that you are overly interested in the life of others while forgetting about your own.

You try to help everyone who asks for it

In response to a request for help or a favor, you cannot say a firm “No” to the person just because you are interested in participating in the organization of someone else’s life. You do not understand what to do with your own or are not interested in the changes around you, so you are happy to take on any proposal from others.

You spend your weekends replacing a colleague, helping a neighbor with repairs, meeting distant relatives from the airport, etc. You feel needed, important, you feel that someone else’s well-being depends on you, and therefore you spend almost all your time and energy on someone else.

You don’t know what to do with your life

You are so busy with someone else’s life that you have no idea what to do with your own. You do not understand what you are striving for, what you expect from the future, what values you adhere to. Such questions put you at a dead end, and easier for you to send their forces to help someone else than to try to help yourself. After all, from the outside, it is better to know what is better and more correct.

You are used to putting up with inconveniences

There are a lot of things that don’t suit you, but you do absolutely nothing. You do not want to leave your comfort zone: to face new situations where you will not know how to act, take risks, work on yourself and your life. It is much easier for you to come to terms with what brings you inconvenience and convince yourself that your feelings are temporary.

You put other people’s needs and desires ahead of yours

You always treat other people’s needs and desires with special trepidation. You help realize other people’s ideas, motivate a person, spend your time, effort, and money to make someone feel good.

But at the same time, you do not pay attention to your own needs: you dissolve so much in others that it’s even difficult for you to say what you want for yourself.

You like to talk about other people

You very rarely talk about yourself: most often, you talk about the life of your family, friends, colleagues, or acquaintances. The events taking place with them seem to you much more interesting; you are ready to spend hours discussing their problems, asking them about their emotions and experiences, discussing some common acquaintances. When it comes to you, you prefer to describe how you are doing in a couple of words and almost immediately translate the topic.

You don’t have enough time to deal with your life

You spend most of your resources trying to feel involved in another person’s life, so you have absolutely no time for yourself. You are constantly in the process of assisting, giving advice, solving other people’s problems. Therefore, your life may not change in any way for several months or even years.

You constantly solve the problems of others

If someone is in trouble, you are the first to rush to help the person. Moreover, you do this even in those cases when you were not asked about it when people can cope with their problem on their own when you have nothing to do with the event. You are the same interested acquaintance who, at 5 am on Sunday, is ready to go to the other end of the city to help a person he met the night before.

You give advice, but you do not follow them

You are an excellent advisor who knows how to get out of almost any situation beautifully. The people around you adore you – they ask for your opinion, listen with special attention to your speech, act as you advise them. But now you are used to forgetting about your problems and not doing anything to make your life better.

You often judge other people

You constantly condemn everyone who is not lazy: you don’t like that a neighbor bought a new car, a colleague received another promotion, your friend decided to open his own business, etc. You closely follow how the lives of those around you are changing, and you try to devalue other people’s achievements and hurt a person more painfully. You are angry that everyone around you knows what to do with their life: they make plans, develop, achieve their goals, but you do not.

You spend a lot of time on movies and TV shows

You spend almost all your free time watching movies or TV shows because you like trying on other people’s lives. At some point, you lose the desire to pursue your hobbies, organize your leisure time, and achieve your goals. You just come home from work, turn on your laptop, and plunge into the interesting life that you always wanted to live.

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