10 things that are normal at 18 but ridiculous at 28

When you are young, many things seem hypertrophied to you, the best in the world. All because of the novelty, because eating a delicious candy for the hundredth time, although you enjoy it, you don’t get such an explosion of emotions as when you just tried it.

In addition, at a young age, values are completely different than at an older age. We are constantly developing, changing, and what was the norm for us at the age of 18, what brought pleasure and attracted us, already after ten years, looks at least ridiculous.

Go to a big concert, go deaf, and lose your voice

Do you remember how great it was when you, along with a big company, came to a concert somewhere in the stadium and either waved your long hair to the beat of rock or moved to the rhythm of rap? But now, thinking about the concert, you understand that there will be a lot of people, very loud music, and your tickets at best will provide a place somewhere in the middle of the crowd, and you will hardly see the faces of the performers. Yes, and why all this, if you can turn on the recording of a concert in 4K on your big TV with good acoustics, there will be almost the same effect.

Spend half a day at a fast-food restaurant doing nothing

It used to be a hobby only in the West, but today it is the norm for teenagers around the world. Hanging out for a few hours at some diner is a completely normal pastime with friends when you are 18 years old. But when you’re an adult, this prospect seems ridiculous because sitting in a noisy, fast food restaurant, periodically eating burgers, is not a very respectable occupation.

Spend the day sleeping off a sleepless night

Many of us would hang out all night long and then, due to lack of sleep, sleep during the class at school by hiding behind a textbook or the person at the front desk. Now try doing the same at work. Unlike a school or university, where you, or rather, your parents, pay for education, it can be said that it doesn’t matter what you do there, at work, results are expected from you. If you are caught sleeping, they can fire you.

Sleep a couple of hours a day

In continuation of the previous paragraph, the sleep of adolescents is often unstable, mainly due to long freezes in some kind of MMORPG. At the age of 18, it seemed to us that spending half the night to complete the quest was quite an adequate occupation. At an older age, this looks at least stupid because exchanging a dream for something that you cannot even feel in reality is beyond fantasy. And the maturing organism will not thank you for this because there is not so much energy as it was ten years ago, even if there is enough sleep.

Drink cheap alcohol

Even the majors, finding themselves in the company of not particularly wealthy classmates or classmates, did not hesitate to roll up a couple of glasses of cheap liquor, not to mention typical sleeping areas. At the age of 18, it seems that drinking something that is slightly higher in quality than singed moonshine is a normal phenomenon because the next morning, your head will hurt at most, and that’s it. But try this at 28 and older. If you are not an alcoholic with many years of experience, cheap liquor will be akin to a knockout from a straight to the jaw.

Put on the sign of the subculture

In youth, one so wants to stand out from the crowd, classifying oneself as a member of some kind of subculture, a group of people who are similar in interests, in that they differ from the gray mass. It is quite normal to put a couple of badges on your backpack, among which there will be an anarchy sign or any other from an alternative party. Of course, it is worth supplementing this with a long steel chain, lowered pants, a tucked-in hat, or any other attribute of the subculture. Can you imagine yourself with such accessories at the age of 28, coming to the office of a serious company?

Replace full meals with snacks

Teenagers eat when they want and do not have a special diet. It’s normal for an 18-year-old to fill his stomach with junk food or other food that isn’t a full meal. The main thing is that it was tasty and satisfying, and the rest is not important. And do not care that fast food is essentially a calorie bomb without any benefit to the body.

At the age of 28, few people act so recklessly, because by this age, the metabolism slows down, and without a clear diet, coupled with the absorption of fast food, you can get a beer belly and gastritis.

Forget about cleaning

At the age of 18, it is quite normal not to clean the room for a long time and not really keep things in order. In adolescence, chaos reigns in the head of both boys and girls because this is a turning point between childhood and adulthood, and often thinking goes wrong because of the contradictions that arise. In this case, few people care about such “insignificant” things as cleanliness and order. But 10 years pass, and the same teenagers who once did not consider cleaning even in their room to be important, are happy to clean the whole apartment.

Go to a girl across half the country to have sex

We, of course, exaggerate, but the essence is clear. At 18, most guys are willing to sacrifice any comfort just to have sex. It doesn’t matter that the girl lives on the other side of the city, that there is a risk that her parents will return at the wrong time and throw you naked on the landing, and so on, the main thing is the possibility of intimacy. Hormones significantly overshadow the mind, and everything that leads to sex seems to be logically sound.

At the age of 28, you would hardly have lifted a stained point from a chair if sex had not shined on you with 100% probability. In addition, at this age, you already think with your head, and not more with your lower body, and you are unlikely to stint on comfort for the sake of a few minutes of pleasure.

Impose your point of view in any case

At the age of 18, many people are overcome by teenage maximalism. At this age, it seems that everyone around is stupid, and only you are the voice of reason in this crowd of ignoramuses. It’s normal, every teenager goes through this. Moreover, some never get out of this state, continuing to show teenage maximalism even when they have matured.

But most people by the age of 28 understand that imposing their opinion is stupid, ridiculous, and useless. It’s simple: no one cares about your point of view. When you try not just to convey it but to impose it, it only causes indignation. Therefore, more and more, you understand that most often, it is better to keep your opinion to yourself so that you are not labeled, and you can remain a neutral character for others.

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