10 ways to deal with a jealous girlfriend

It is often said that if your girlfriend is jealous of you, she loves you. It sounds, of course, nice. But if you have faced excessive jealousy of your girlfriend, then you will know how tiring it is. In the end, this behavior can lead to a breakup altogether. But you don’t want that, do you? Then pay attention to the tips below.

Keep Calm

Baseless accusations and reproaches often accompany a friend’s jealousy; it is unclear why. It isn’t easy to remain calm in this situation, but this is the best thing you can do. Let her see your serenity; then the girl will understand that you have nothing to hide and maybe even admit the wrongness of her behavior.

Don’t get defensive

Of course, if accusations are poured in your direction, then purely at the level of reflexes, there is a desire to defend against these attacks. You can start, argue, give arguments, make excuses. Better not to. If you are not guilty of anything and know about it, there is nothing to worry about. Your attempts at self-defense will become another reason for a jealous girl to doubt your loyalty.

Show her your love

The reason for the jealousy of many girls is the lack of attention from the guy. Of course, you don’t need to turn your life into the latest episode of a soap opera. But it will not be superfluous to show the girl your love from time to time. This will give her a sense of security and confidence in your relationship.

Compliment her

Another reason for jealousy is very often self-doubt. The best way to destroy this insecurity is to compliment your girlfriend. It is not so difficult, but you will reduce her doubts about the sincerity of your choice.

Learn about the reason for jealousy

Before solving a problem, you need to understand what is causing it. Talk to your girlfriend and discuss what makes her jealous. At the same time, it is better not to offer your versions; otherwise, you can burn out and make new problems. Instead, listen to your friend and try to prove that her doubts are in vain.

Help her gain self-confidence

As we wrote above, jealousy is closely related to how your girlfriend looks at herself. If she lacks a sufficient amount of confidence, then you can help her with this. Encourage her more often for any accomplishments, praise her ability, and generally show more respect. Help her motivate herself to do things that will significantly increase her self-confidence.

Allow her to speak

You have to listen to the girl even when she says the same thing. She does this not to cheer you up but simply out of the need to relieve herself of tension. Don’t shut her up when she wants to talk. Allow her to speak out to free herself from her worries. Otherwise, she will project these experiences onto your relationship.

Introduce her to your friends

Excessive suspicion arises when she does not feel certain about the status of your relationship. One way to bring this certainty is to meet your friends or parents. Obviously, in this way, you will show her the seriousness of your intentions and “documentarily” secure her the status of your girlfriend.

Don’t keep secrets from her

Even if a lie has good motives, it remains a lie and casts a shadow over your relationship. Therefore, it is better, to be honest at all times and tell your girlfriend the truth before this truth comes to her differently. The best way to deal with a jealous friend is to prevent doubts from arising. And you can only do this if you are honest with her. Don’t be afraid. If you have made any mistake, it is better to admit it than mask it with a lie.

Be patient

And finally, be patient. When your girlfriend asks too many questions, be patient in answering them. If she does that, then she needs you. Therefore, your humility will become proof that you are not deceiving her and that you value your relationship.

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