11 ways friends ruin your relationship

The responses of people who can consciously or unconsciously pose a threat to your relationship are extremely diverse. Some are trying to improve their self-esteem; others are driven by envy or jealousy. The most painful thing is to understand that your relationship was destroyed not without the help of people you trust.

To take control of the situation, you need to explore how your friends can pose a threat to your relationship.

They constantly require the attention of one of the partners

Some friends constantly demand attention. Otherwise, they can accuse you of not appreciating friendship or becoming a “heel.”

Simply put, it’s as if the friend is putting you on the spot with a choice: him or your girlfriend. And his arguments usually sound so logical and convincing that you do not hesitate to cancel all plans you’re your girlfriend, forget about the previously set priorities, brush aside the schedule, and go to him.

No one wants to tolerate this kind of behavior, so you and your girlfriend will soon have a disagreement.

They manipulate

Friends of one of the partners can manipulate the couple (or one of the partners). For example, a friend can leave without warning as soon as he sees your girlfriend. He becomes unavailable for a call, does not participate in the conversation, is late, makes sarcastic remarks.

They sow doubt

When a friend constantly asks about the correctness of his actions, in this way, he makes you doubt your actions or words. This leads to the fact that real chaos can arise in the relationship. Partners clearly understand where they want to live, what career to build, who to invite to a festive dinner, when to have children or a dog.

At first glance, innocent questions can push you to renegotiate agreements with each other, thereby leading to doubts and provoking conflicts.

They compete

Some people cannot resist the temptation to boast that they live better than you. When you start describing your girlfriend or new acquaintance, the friend starts playing the comparison.

His girlfriend is both prettier and more intelligent and cooks for him not only breakfast and works in a more prestigious place. At some point, you start to wonder how lucky your friend is, and you get the feeling that you, too, are worthy of something more.

They flirt with your partner

Your couple’s resilience can be shattered when someone flirts with one of your partners, gives them gifts and little surprises, introduces the right people, and helps them get a good job.

Of course, all these actions can be justified by the desire to help, support, please the person, but this does not mean that discord will not begin in the couple after these actions.

They behave obsessively towards one of the partners

Your friend may be tricky, intrusive, or overly demanding towards your girlfriend. He can become the third odd person in your relationship and, no matter how pure in his intentions and pleasant in demeanor, he can cause great irritation in your woman.

She didn’t sign up to meet the needs of your friends, and she certainly didn’t deserve to be mistreated.

They deliberately put your partner in an awkward position

Friends may use a difficult communication style with one of the partners – omitting important details, making inappropriate assumptions, speaking in difficult terms, hinting at a person’s lack of education, or the fact that he is “off-topic.”

Of course, your partner may be upset, angry, or even afraid that something is wrong with him. The consequences of this situation for the couple are obvious.

They give unsolicited advice

It is believed that a friend will not give bad advice. However, unsolicited advice is exactly the evil that can destroy your relationship. After the intervention, someone will delve into themselves for a long time or, on the contrary, in a partner, pondering advice that is not at all a desire to help and dumping all their thoughts and fears on a loved one.

At the same time, the “friend” will add fuel to the fire, repeating: “You are doing everything right.”

They ignore one of the partners

One of the deadliest things your friends do is ignore your partner. There are two ways to do this. First, your friend can pull you aside every time he wants to share something. Of course, you are flattered by this because they trust you, but imagine how your girlfriend feels.

The second way is to ignore your partner when discussing something. You have a fascinating conversation, and all your girlfriend’s attempts to participate in it stubbornly go unheeded.

They provoke conflicts

Some friends cannot help provoking conflict in your relationship – they easily make you argue about those things that you would not find fault with yourself. Conflicts provoked by friends will sooner or later turn from trivial to very serious and lead to disharmony and misunderstanding.

They remind you or your partner of a past relationship

When friends, at any opportunity, remind you of past relationships in the presence of your current girlfriend, they provoke mistrust and misunderstanding in your couple.

A few phrases about exes are enough to sow self-doubt in your partner and seriously damage the relationship. If you could forget about past relationships, then your friends would not hurt to do the same.

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