11 signs that you would be a born lawyer

Many have it as a dream, but only a minority will ever truly become a born lawyer. Do you recognize the following characteristics in yourself? Then a gown may fit you like a glove!

These signs indicate that you may be a born lawyer

1. Right to right

You think everyone has the right to a fair trial with the same defense, including criminals. Your sense of justice cannot be turned off.

2. You like to argue

And preferably as much as possible, about the smallest details. Some people like nothing more than to continually play the verbal joust, but with an understanding of the other side of the story. Questioning everything is good quality, but be careful that your friends don’t find it annoying!

3. As you wish

The whole group wants pizza and you fries, what does the group eat? Fries! You are an expert in everything to your advantage. A talent not to be underestimated!

4. One against all

You like to go against the opinion of the group and play the devil’s advocate. Without lying, you want to point the rest to the other side of the coin. You think of things that the rest of them had not taken into account for a long time.

5. To the last detail

You are the master of thorough analysis. There is no pair of glasses large enough for your eye for detail. Everything has been studied from A to Z and you find beauty flaws awfully ugly.

6. Internal computer

You have a great memory full of facts and figures with which you silence the opponent in every discussion.

7. Stress?

Never heard of it. You are the king of time management and do not collapse under the sometimes immense pressure.

8. Pokerface

You are not too bad to occasionally bluff. You control your emotions and not the other way around so that your self-confidence drips off.

9. Work hard, play hard

Your work never seems to end, but that is no problem for you. Even the mountains of paperwork don’t scare you.

10. Attention, attention!

If you speak, the rest will remain silent. You are a born entertainer and everyone is hanging on your lips.

11. Never give up

‘Give up’ is not in your dictionary or in your law book. You must and will find a solution to the problem. Fortunately, you are creative enough to solve things in an alternative way.

What do you think? Is the road to the pulpit open to you?

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