11 things we could do in childhood but forgot how to do when we grew up

When you see children playing on the playground at home, you wonder where they have so much energy and how they can do certain actions. But you just forgot that when you were a child, you could do it too, but you lost these skills over time. Many of them are actually useful, which makes growing up even more depressing. Here are things that we could do as children, but forgot how to do when we grew up.

Sit on the splits

Not necessarily to this extreme, but we were much more flexible as children than we are now. What can I say, growing up, we can’t even bend down properly for a sandwich that has fallen to the floor, let alone perform something even remotely similar to a twine. Any sudden movement can lead to stretching or muscle cramps.

2. Play catch-up or jump rope all-day

Boys usually preferred to catch up from active games, while girls jumped more over the rope. We could run around the yard for hours without getting tired at all and put such a load on the heart that it seemed to jump out of the chest.

As we get older, we can hardly run on the treadmill in the gym at low speed. You don’t have to talk about sprints where you run on the edge of your abilities.

3. Learn something in a short time

Do you remember how as a child, you could learn a poem? Yes, it was difficult but quite doable. And you could also memorize a ton of information. If you were also interested in it, then it was a simple matter to learn it. It was even possible to learn another language well enough if desired.

Now that you’ve grown up, it’s getting harder to remember information, and that simple memorization in childhood seems like a superpower. The fact is that the child’s brain, or rather, his thinking, is flexible and tuned primarily to the accumulation of data. As he matures, the brain refocuses on processing this information and experience, and memorizing new things becomes more difficult.

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So you need to admire not the fact that a child could play Mozart on the piano, but a person over 30 who managed to learn a foreign language at least at an average level, because it is much more difficult for him to remember new information.

4. Be physically active all day and wake up refreshed

As a child, as we said above, it was possible to run and jump for a long time and not get tired at all. But besides that, growing up, we have lost another important advantage — not to feel discomfort after such marathons of physical activity. Remember how you could jump around garages with your friends, then play football, and then also compete in pull-ups, and the next day, you felt great.

When we grew up, we realized that memes about a sore back and crunching joints after 30 from the slightest load are not jokes at all but reality. This is to blame for the deterioration of flexibility, a decrease in energy, and, of course, an unhealthy lifestyle with constant sitting on a chair, poor nutrition, and bad habits.

5. Handwriting something that other people can understand

At school, we were taught to write clearly and practice handwriting so that it was beautiful. Especially, for some strange reason, girls succeeded in this, whereas the boys’ handwriting was less elegant. And yet even a two-biter, who could make three mistakes in one word of six letters, written in such a way that it was possible to make out the text.

Growing up, we gradually lost this skill, as we used the pen less and less. Nowadays, this is practically not required, because most texts are written on computers or smartphones, and the maximum you need to do is write your last name, put a date, and sign. Because of this, we simply forgot how to write, and any junior high school student will be able to print much more beautiful letters on paper.

6. Spend a sleepless night at your favorite activity

It doesn’t matter if you enjoyed reading books as a child, playing on the computer, or with friends in the yard, you could do it for hours on end, spending sleepless nights at your favorite activity. It was possible to read a great work at a time or to complete the game without yawning once.

As you get older, you begin to realize that sleep is important, and without it, you won’t be able to hold on for long. Besides, even if something fascinates you a lot, you can’t concentrate for a long time without falling asleep.

7. Create whole worlds in fantasy

As a child, you could sit in a room or sandbox, surrounded by toys, and compose various stories, entertaining yourself with this for many hours. We could create absolutely incredible scenarios for which adults simply would not have the desire. Perhaps, as children, we came up with such thoughtful fantastic stories thanks to a lively mind that the authors of the best works would envy them.

But when we grew up, we lost this ability. Not everyone, of course, but most have completely lost their imagination and cannot even slightly modify reality to make it more unusual.

8. Eat and not get fat

Of course, there are exceptions in the form of overweight children, but this is most often associated with metabolic disorders. Most children can eat kilograms of high-calorie foods and not gain weight. It’s all about a fast metabolism, as well as a proportionate expenditure of energy consumed by calories. Although in childhood, even those who spent most of their time at the computer gained weight slowly.

It becomes more and more problematic not to gain extra weight every year when you grow up. So I want to eat a few fat whites again and then another half of the cake and not gain a kilogram.

9. To carry complete nonsense and not be shy about it

Today, as an adult, you are afraid to say something that will put you in the wrong light or, even more so, disgrace you. But as a child, it didn’t matter. Stormy imagination and energy turned you into a walking storehouse of utter nonsense, for which you were absolutely not ashamed. Remember at least all these storytellers who, in all seriousness and even with pride, told how they had a computer with the latest Pentium 5 at home or how they alone were able to punish several attacking hooligans at once.

10. Fall asleep on any surface and with any stimuli

As a child, you could fall asleep even on the floor, even if a neighbor decided to arrange a symphony for you from a mixture of a puncher and a thug at full volume. Now it is simply impossible to imagine such a thing because you can lie with your eyes wide open on an anatomical mattress and pillow in complete silence. And if at least a small distant noise is added to this, then you can forget about sleep.

In addition, as a child, before going to bed, you did not have thoughts about the meaning of being, about important things, and much more. When you grow up and get overgrown with typical adult problems, these thoughts get into your head and irritate no less than a mosquito squeak.

11. Be truthful

As an adult, you can’t afford to be honest, at least in most matters. We have to smooth out corners, keep silent when we want to speak out, and so on. It is much easier for children because they do not restrain themselves under the pressure of society and can tell the truth.

This truth is often inconvenient for adults, although there is nothing wrong with it. It’s just that we adults have forgotten how to be truthful and are already used to playing by the rules of society.

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