13 reasons why men return to their ex

Most men will try to get back to their girlfriend after breaking up, even if it happens right away. And, frankly, the reasons why they do it are not the noblest.

Good s*x

Most guys don’t want to miss out on good s*x, and if the relationship doesn’t work out, they’ll try to keep at least s*x. Then they begin to bagpipes: “I miss you, but I’m not ready for anything else yet.” Almost unmistakable: he misses not you, but s*x with you. Which, of course, is flattering, but to no avail.

He became less attractive and lost his pride

Maybe he’s fat or bald. Maybe he lost a lot of friends who used to bolster his ego and a lot of potential lovers who have found a better match for themselves. And you, on the contrary, got prettier, got a bunch of fans. And then many men will want you back to return some attention to themselves.

He thought you were a failure, but now you are successful

He dumped you because he thought you didn’t deserve his time. Maybe he was even ashamed of you in front of others. And now he noticed that you had achieved success, remembered how you loved him, and decided that everything was not so bad.

You were his backup and his new girlfriend dumped him

The most popular reason for cheaters. They are torn between several options, but in the end, they are left with nothing. They come with the words: “I had a difficult period” or “I did not appreciate what I had.” Don’t be fooled by this.

You’re making good money, and he’s having a crisis

He may have left you because you weren’t earning as much as he wanted. But after the breakup, he lost his job, and now your earnings don’t seem so small compared to his lack of money either. Typical purse hunter, and a woman’s one at that.

He wants to control you

If he comes back just when you start to forget him, then he does not want to let you out of his control. He does not give anything more but actively prevents you from living your life. This is not love.

He does not want to start all over again but realized it too late

It is very difficult for men to date new girls. At first, it seems to them that “the grass is greener” in the neighboring yard, but in fact, after parting, he understands how much energy was spent on that relationship, and he doesn’t want to waste so much energy on a new unknown person again.

You’ve become cooler

Maybe you lost a lot of weight after breaking up. Or she just took care of herself, changed her style, became more confident. Then the ex will want to get to know the “new you.” But this is only a superficial, physical desire.

He misses all the good things that happened between you

It seemed to him that he missed the bachelor’s life, but, having become lonely again, he realizes what he has lost and how good it was.

You have become unavailable

As we often say, men like hunters love the taste of the chase. When you were together, you were completely at his disposal. But now, you are not available, and this is a new challenge for him.

He has really changed

This is the rarest reason of all, but it still happens if a man really wants to change.

He wants to flatter himself

He wants to prove to himself that he can get you back if he wants to. He wants to flatter himself that you cannot forget him in any way and is ready to accept him back, no matter what. Cruel, but it happens.

He regrets the way he behaved with you

Guys often don’t realize how mistreated a girl is until she leaves. And then they start to feel sorry. But reunification after that will still lead nowhere. At first, he may be good, but then, he will start doing the same again when he gets used to it again.

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