130 people claim to be Jeffrey Epstein’s secret love child

Already 130 people claim that they may be a secret love child of Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire and convicted pedophile who stepped out of life in a prison cell in New York last August. They have reported to a U.S. pedigree research company looking for Epstein’s offspring. The stakes: his fortune, estimated at over 530 million dollars.

A total of 386 people have already contacted Epsteinheirs.com of Morse Genealogical Services, reports founder Harvey Morse to the British newspaper The Sun. One-third of them say they may be a child of Epstein (66), who was not married and officially had no children.

Epstein’s injuries “are more consistent with murder than suicide”
Jeffrey Epstein

“Jeffrey Epstein has been sexually active for a long time, so there is a reasonable chance that he might have fathered a child somewhere,” said Morse, whose company previously also searched for descendants of pop icon Prince. “He may even be a grandfather.”

According to the man, claims have come in from all over the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Caribbean, and France. For example, there is a British woman who claims that she met Epstein in the 90s in a posh shop in London and became pregnant with him after a one-night stand.

Epstein was arrested last year and charged with the sexual exploitation of dozens of underage girls between 2002 and 2005. He faced a 45-year prison sentence.

On August 10, 2019, he was found dead in his cell in Manhattan. According to the autopsy, he took his own life. He would have signed another will two days before his death, according to The New York Post. In it, he entrusted all his belongings to a trust, the beneficiaries of which are unknown.

This includes a residence in Manhattan – where he is said to have abused girls – a ranch in New Mexico, property in Paris, and two islands in the U.S. Virgin Islands: Little St James Island and Great St James Island. But also for over 281 million dollars in shares and investments and 51 million in cash. Just like cars, boats, and even private planes, worth $18 million.

Morse Genealogical Services investigates the claims of Epstein’s potential heirs. If there is a valid reason, the company will request a DNA test from the court to verify the claims. Therefore, the potential heir may be asked to testify.

“About a quarter of the calls already asked for further investigation,” Morse said. “So far, however, we have not yet had the feeling that there was a claim with which we could go to court. But you never know who will call us in the future.”

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