14 ways to make girls chase you

We think that the following information will be extremely useful for you, because, why hide, every man would like a crowd of girls to run after him. You will say that for this, you need to have a Ferrari in the garage, and you will be right, but only partially – you can attract any girl with money, but not a good one.

Be a little harder than others

When you are a deeper, thinner, and more complex guy than most, girls immediately start looking in your direction. Girlfriends do not like simpletons or pay attention to them at the last moment, although, perhaps, it is simpletons who are the best husbands and fathers, female nature does not understand this – she needs it to be “interesting.” So it would help if you were “interesting” for them; otherwise, you will cause boredom, and instead of interested glances – a fit of yawning.

Be charming

Charm is one of the most effective tools in your toolbox, but you must use it skillfully. On the one hand, you can stay in the girl’s head forever. On the other hand, if this quality is not developed for you, you will leave behind only bad impressions. So learn and practice.

Be physically irresistible

You must understand this because you choose a girl, as a rule, solely by physical parameters. So the girls also choose you for the same physical parameters. If your face does not come out, then train your body – let your muscles be prominent, belly – with six abs cubes and not with fat folds. Don’t forget about hygiene, especially oral hygiene. Wear clean clothes, choose your style. These are common truths, you know.

You don’t need to be available 24 hours a day

Make sure you can devote your time to this or that girl, but never go along with a girlfriend if she wants to spend 24 hours a day with you – it’s a ploy. She’ll get bored with you fast if you come running back to her like a faithful puppy every time she asks. The simple rule of thumb: Don’t cancel your business to see a girl if it’s not a big deal.

Become a friend of your friends

It’s a strange moment. But it works. Suppose a girl sees that you are appreciated in a friendly company. In that case, she immediately starts liking you because she thinks everything is fine and you are not a psychopath. It would also be nice to make friends with her friends, but that’s up to you.

Stimulate her … intellectually

Don’t be afraid to show your smart side, but do it so that the girl doesn’t think you’re a know-it-all. You can, for example, show interest in an interesting problem that the girl also knows something about, to show her opinion and understanding of this problem.

Don’t be blown up by the little things

If you get annoyed or upset too often, then, for whatever reason, women will avoid you. Girls love tough guys who can easily endure the hardships of life. This is the only way you will earn their attention. So slow down with this kind of emotion.

Don’t bother her

Try not to bother her at all. You don’t need that absurd barrage of text messages that the maniac rewards his unfortunate victims. You do not need to constantly dial her number, ask about her affairs, health. You don’t need to be annoying.

Be emotionally available

Yes, it isn’t easy to balance personal life and come to the aid of a girl every time there is a real need. In general, if a friend needs to talk to someone, cry for someone, ask someone for advice, then this “someone” should be you. This will help her understand that you can show concern when it makes sense.

No need for despair

Again, girlfriends do not like guys who go crazy; they get desperate because they do not manage to mend their relationship. It is very easy to define such a man. He is too zealous, continues to write messages, even if no one answers him, or comes to a girl’s work without an invitation to give a bouquet that nobody needs – this is despair.

Earn trust

If you are open with a girl, she will trust you with her feelings. Trust, in turn, paves the way for closer relationships. The logic here is simple. You can sleep with girls without any trust, but if you want people to run after you, then you must be irreplaceable. If they don’t trust you, it’s easy to replace you. If you trust it, then it is ten times more difficult.

Be confident in yourself

This is obvious when it comes to relationships. But confidence should be not only to women but also to everything. If your friends see that you are on your feet, you confidently deal with your work, everyday, personal problems, then you will be loved even before they get to know you better.

Be respectful

In this crazy world of spontaneous dating and shameless tackles, it’s hard to find someone who shows respect for a woman. We are not talking about some undeserved respect. We’re talking about the most basic human respect – that part of etiquette that seems to have almost died out.

Respect for a woman is easy. You must give the girl personal space, know the boundaries of what is permitted, forget about aggression. It doesn’t cost you anything, but it significantly increases your chances of success in any dating.

Be kind always

One of the best ways to attract women is to be as kind and caring as possible. Girls are incredibly attracted to men who can show compassion, maintain a positive outlook, and remain good-natured. Don’t be angry; that’s the whole rule.

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