15 things that take away your attractiveness in the eyes of girls

Attractiveness is not just a collection of external factors like well-groomed hair, a beautiful smile, or an athletic body. Even with all of this, you can push girls away with your character or behavior.


Contrary to popular belief, aggression is not an indicator of your toughness but only a repulsive trait of your character. Girls like brave, determined, persistent guys, but certainly not those who cannot contain their emotions.

If you are used to shutting your mouth to others, raising your voice, not skimping on obscene words and expressions, letting go of your hands, and everything in the same spirit – you will have to work a lot on yourself to stop scaring girls away.

Talking about the ex

Girls don’t need to listen to your enthusiastic (or not-so) stories about past relationships. This speaks at least of your psychological immaturity and inability to leave the past in the past. There is hardly a girl who will listen to your memories of your ex without experiencing unpleasant sensations.

The same goes for negative reviews of your experience. If you call your ex a fool, b!tch, whore, and other hard-hitting words, the girl will seriously reconsider her attitude towards you. After all, there is a high probability that you will say the same about her after your breakup.


Girls like guys who are confident, not presumptuous. It is pleasant to communicate with self-confident people: they are ready to take responsibility for their actions, they are ready to try and achieve success, they know how to accept criticism, learn from their failures, and use any opportunities for their benefit.

Arrogance is always an overestimation of one’s strengths and capabilities, self-praise, lack of a critical look, arrogance, and the need to assert oneself, often at someone else’s expense constantly.

The desire to compete with girls

There are no comments at all. If you strive to compete with girls, then there can be no question of any attractiveness. It is foolish to be proud that you earn more than a girl, are higher on the career ladder, or have a better education.

Why compare yourself with others at all? This does not paint you but only makes you a reputation as a person who vitally needs to assert themselves at the expense of girls.


If you promise but don’t, girls will try to avoid you if you always do your part of the work half-heartedly if you forget about meetings and requests. And they will do the right thing. Insecure people harm others. You cannot rely on them; you cannot feel safe with them.

Why does a girl need a guy who doesn’t keep his word? You deprive yourself of attractiveness and one of the most important masculine qualities – reliability.

Desire to appear cooler than others

The desire to appear cooler than other people can make you a reputation for being a complete jerk, not only in the eyes of girls. People who want to put themselves in the foreground often interrupt others, embellish their stories, devalue the achievements of others.

This is at least ugly and disrespectful. You can never become more intelligent, stronger, or prettier by behaving this way.

The desire to command everything

It’s cool when you know what movie you will watch tonight, or you can organize a romantic dinner for a girl, solve her problems yourself, make important decisions, etc. But when you are obsessed with the desire to command in everything, you deprive her of the opportunity as- then participate in your life.

You cannot force an adult to watch how you give orders silently. It’s disrespectful and certainly doesn’t add to your appeal.


Being cheerful, joking a lot, and making decisions easily is excellent. But if all your jokes revolve around s3x and parts of the female body, if all you need from life is the opportunity to walk with friends in a bar and play curling iron, if you avoid responsibility and do not set yourself any meaningful goals for the future, considering that everyone owes you, and at the same time you are over twenty years old – it’s pathetic.

Maturity is not about age in the passport but about inner qualities and self-awareness. Nobody forces you to make millions or go to the theater on weekends. Just be more responsible and do not forget that your future depends only on you.


If you don’t care about anything or pretend that you don’t care about the people around you or the various circumstances in your life, girls will rather avoid you.
Being the dumb guy is only cool in the movies. In reality, a healthy approach to problem-solving, participation in our lives, and the expression of emotions are valued.

Pride in material well-being

If you have money and you are quite enough for a comfortable life, we sincerely hope that you do not brag about it in front of others. It doesn’t matter whose money it is (your hard-earned or parental) – pride in material values does not paint you.

Painful acceptance of defeat

A man needs to be able to play with dignity. Do not try to humiliate your opponent, justify yourself or blame the unfortunate circumstances for everything, but take responsibility for your words or actions and calmly accept the situation.

If you are acting out righteous anger or real tragedy by losing in board games, you will only be able to negatively win girls’ attention.

Persistent mood problems

If you do not have depression or any other illnesses, it is enough to scare away those around you with your sour mine. Even if you had a bad day (you poured coffee on yourself, were late for work, forgot about an important meeting), do not spoil the mood of those around you, and even more so, do not fall for them.

Complaints about life and circumstances

There is nothing worse than nagging and complaining about life. First, you could fix the situation instead of wasting your energy and time on idle chatter and trying to pity others.

Secondly, the girls have enough of their worries. Yes, they will be pleased if you turn to them for support or share your feelings on a one-time basis.

But if you do this all the time, soon everyone will begin to avoid communication with you.


If you always see only negative and danger, it will be tough to establish communication with you if you are too suspicious and distrustful.

This is probably what prevents you from meeting girls. After all, you always feel a catch and think that each of them only needs money from you.

Lack of self-irony and sense of humor

Another disadvantage is the lack of the ability to laugh at yourself. Most often, this indicates an overly serious attitude towards oneself and a painful development of self-esteem.

Remember: if someone jokes about you, this does not mean that they want to insult and humiliate you.

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