16-year-old boy drive a car without roof, windscreen, doors or bonnet

Two French policemen thought for a moment that they were dreaming when they saw a “strange object on four wheels” passing by in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in Nantes.

But when they wanted to put the vehicle on the side, the driver gave it board gas.

The two agents immediately started to chase the vehicle and three kilometers further they could stop the somewhat special convertible.

It turned out to be a Peugeot 205, but then almost completely stripped.

The car had no roof, doors, windscreen or bonnet and only one seat.

Then it turned out that there was still a 16-year-old who obviously did not have a driving license, and therefore no insurance. Moreover, he did not wear a seat belt. The boy got a strong burnout before being handed over to his mum.

Source: Police National, Europe 1

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