3 bad habits that are holding you back in your career

Women, this one is for you. It is now time to stop these three habits, which mainly women have quite a hand with. Subconsciously, these habits hold us back in our careers.

What habits are we talking about? And, more importantly, how do we stop this?

Habits that hold you back in your career

These habits without realizing it, cause you to smash your glass and not grow as fast in your career as you could.

1. You don’t believe in yourself enough

Do you ever find yourself not taking chances because you don’t think you can handle them? That you’re not good enough? Because you’re afraid of failing? Then that’s a clear sign that you don’t believe in yourself enough. And that while you have come to where you are now because of your hard work and the skills and knowledge in the house.

From now on, keep a list of your achievements. As humans, we tend to especially remember the times when things didn’t go so well. That’s why you keep track of all your successes, achievements, and compliments on this list. It’s great to have a look at this list if you need a confidence boost.

2. You keep yourself too small

Women tend to keep themselves small. This is apparent from the following figures: according to Forbes, men apply for a job if they meet the vacancy requirements for 60 percent. Women like to meet all the requirements before sending their cover letters.

It also manifests itself in the fact that we don’t ask enough for what we want or say what we think. In a meeting, for example, because you are afraid of appearing too dominant. And have you ever pretended you didn’t know something to make your conversation partner feel better about themselves?

And that’s not even talking about salary negotiations. Indeed, recent research found that only one in five women plans to ask for a raise, compared to one in three men.

These are all examples of how you can hurt your career. Unfortunately, you can’t stop keeping yourself small overnight. But the more you open your mouth, ask for what you want, and take the plunge, the more natural it will come.

3. You don’t manage your time well

Have you ever invested time learning more about time management and productivity? That sounds crazy, of course: giving up time to save more time, but trust me, your future self is going to thank you so much.

When you start working more efficiently and prioritize the things that matter, you will see that you can grow much easier and faster in your work.

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