3 days of national mourning in Argentina after finding submarine

Argentina has declared three days of national mourning on Saturday after the Argentinian submarine that was missing for a year was found on Friday. Argentine president Mauricio Macri confirmed that the submarine was located and promised “serious investigations” to find out what happened.

The ARA San Juan submarine was found at a depth of 907 meters in the South Atlantic, about 500 kilometres east of the coast of Argentina. The US research agency Ocean Infinity said it found the ship near where it was last seen on November 15, 2017.

“Now opens a phase of serious investigation to know the truth, it is necessary to honour. And respect our heroes and relatives. To whom I wish all the strength to overcome this difficult moment,” Macri said in a message to the Argentines.

When the submarine disappeared last year, a large-scale, international search was started. Two weeks later, the hope of finding the 44 crew members alive was abandoned. And the search was scaled back.

On Friday Ocean Infinity was only 48 hours away from stopping the search. When it suddenly hit an object on the ocean floor. Through a remote submarine, it was found out that it was the missing submarine.

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