Zodiac signs that don’t care about your feelings

Have you noticed how some men are in awe of care while others categorically reject it? Astrologers are sure that it’s all about the stars, which endow everyone with different qualities. This article will tell you about 3 signs of the zodiac that do not know how to take care of and do not want to learn how to do it.


Representatives of the air element know how to take good care of themselves, so in no case should you, being next to them, try on the parental role. Gemini themselves will ask when they need something, so do not impose anything on them. You need to be close to them; it will be the best support.


Representatives of this zodiac sign love freedom too much, so any sign of care can be perceived as an attempt to limit them. Libra doesn’t like tedious questions. They also do not like it when someone constantly monitors them with their care.


They strongly dislike when women take the initiative. This is how this sign works: they like to take the initiative themselves because they are so comfortable building relationships. The other scenario does not suit them.

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