How to build a happy relationship

People meet, people fall in love, get married and sometimes they disperse and not having time to visit the aisle. Tips to build a happy relationship.

Why do some couples have excellent relationships and live happily in perfect harmony until the end of their days? While others swear, quarrel, and disagree, barely having time to get engaged, indicating in the column the reason for the divorce “We did not agree in character.”

Yes, it is very important to find in your life your soul mate, a soul mate with whom you will have a harmonious relationship, who will complement you, and you will be one.

We offer you 7 simple rules for a to build a happy relationship

Girls, take a note! By following these rules, you will never be alone and will build healthy, and most importantly, happy relationships.

Don’t compare your relationship with that of other couples

In the age of social media, this is hard to do. After all, how many happy photos do your friends upload on their pages? But is everything so rosy and sugary-vanilla in their life as in the photo? You are shown one side of their life, but you will never know what lies behind all these happy pictures.

It is common for each couple to experience both ups and downs, go through quarrels and misunderstandings, and either stand up and reconcile or go further in entirely different ways.

It’s just that some consider another quarrel a verdict, while others give their relationship another chance. Never compare your partner to your friend’s boyfriend. Each man has his strengths and weaknesses. Learn to appreciate what you have here and now. And only then can you feel the true joy of life.

Do not listen to advice from the outside; act according to the dictates of your heart

When a couple is faced with difficulties, advice and unsolicited recommendations will be poured on you from all sides. Everyone will try to teach you life, share their experiences, try to insert their minds into you.

It is essential to remember the golden rule in such cases – each couple has their own story, relationship, and understanding of happiness.

And you don’t always need to build your relationship as your mother, sister, or friend did. Experience is invaluable, it goes without saying, but the last word is still yours. Listen to your heart. It will not deceive.

Don’t devote all your time to work

Nobody says to quit your job, as it takes up all your time that you could devote to your loved one. But it is not worth working fanatically to the detriment of the time that could be spent with him.

Despite how busy your schedule is, you need to make time to be alone: go to the movies, invite each other on romantic dates, have romantic evenings at home, go outdoors on weekends, or while away the time under the covers watching your favorite movies.

The work will not go anywhere, but your neglected man can very quickly leave to the left of such an always busy careerist girl.

Don’t make s3x casual

When passion disappears in a couple, and intimacy becomes rare, this can cause betrayal. If you feel that your sexual relationship is on the verge, take up their resuscitation. It can be a change of scenery, er0tic lingerie, role-playing games at worst, and maybe even new poses. Don’t let s3x become a boring routine!

Drive negative thoughts away

It is important, no matter how your relationship develops in a couple, to always show emotions. It happens that doubts, fears, and self-doubt take over, and only you can prevent this. Learn to manage and deal with your negative thoughts.

Otherwise, if you give slack and allow them to settle in your head and soul, you risk losing self-control and create uncertainty about whether you want this relationship, whether you wanted to see such a man next to you. Men subconsciously feel this, remember!

Take a vacation at least once a year

Of course, each couple, starting to live together, runs the risk of falling into the network of routine and everyday problems, the solution of which requires strength and nerves. It can be a renovation, work, children.

Therefore, at least once a year, take the time and opportunity to drop everything, even if only for a week, and reboot your relationship.

Go as far as possible, turn off phones and social networks to fully enjoy each other’s company. You will see that you will return home full of energy, strength, happiness and as if in love anew.

Make sure you and your partner are at the same stage of the relationship

In a couple, this often happens; she is already ready for family life, wants a beautiful wedding, children, and the partner has not yet walked up and is in no hurry to lead her chosen one down the aisle.

And only those who can agree on common plans for the future have a chance to build a happy relationship. And here there are two ways to solve the problem: to start perceiving your couples like us, one whole, and not me and my desires, or to separate once and for all, so as not to spoil each other’s life.

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