The most toxic companions belong to these three zodiac signs

When we are in a toxic relationship, we are usually the last to realize it. People close to us have seen all the signs and often warn us – but we refuse to look reality in the eye. We live in situations we do not deserve, we get hurt, and we live with people we do not deserve.

The characteristics of the following three zodiac signs are often identified with those of toxic partners. To see who to avoid.


Gemini has no idea what they want in this life. They give us mixed signs, while they often pretend that everything is fine, while there is something in our relationship that concerns them. Instead of discussing it with us, they will change their face and bring out their coldest selves.


Leos like to pretend to be victims of situations. They constantly complain, want attention, and feel neglected because they have not learned to spend time with themselves. As much as they show the opposite, they are full of insecurities.


Capricorns have a very high emotional intelligence. Although they will show us their real face, they bring out a different, more tender, and protective side when we are with others. That way, even if we have complaints about their behavior, those around us admire them for the way they treat us.

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