Do you suffer from work stress? Stay in control with these 6 tips

Unfortunately, everyone suffers from a bit of work stress from time to time. Perhaps that stress comes in the form of an annoying co-worker or boss nagging you or piles of work that you have no idea how you’ll ever get done. It’s part of it, but that doesn’t make it pleasant. Fortunately, you can do something about it.

Work stress is sometimes challenging to recognize and acknowledge because you prefer to continue doing your work without any problems.

Manage work stress

Still, it is better to recognize your stress (through several symptoms) and do something about it. Stress has nasty consequences for your mental and physical health and can result in burnout if you are not caught in time. Good to know: there are also positive sides to having stress. So it’s not all bad news.

Keep it fun for yourself

Work is serious, but make sure you keep it fun for yourself too. Participate in fun activities at the office and turn your colleagues into true friends that you enjoy spending your time with.

In addition, provide the necessary relaxation in the form of a tasty homemade lunch or a long walk in the open air. This way, you will get back to work fresh and fruity.

Have a good planning

Good planning is essential to ensure that you get through your day in an orderly and productive way. Especially if you consider yourself a messy person with a clear plan, you can ensure that your work feels less rushed and less cluttered. You know what your tasks are for a day, and you stick to it.

Guard your limits

It is also very important to guard your boundaries

. Make a plan and stick to it; don’t take more than you can handle. Does your colleague ask if you can take over a task from her? Only if you are sure that it fits into your schedule and dare to say no. Your work is more important.

Say goodbye to perfectionism

Perfectionism is a useful but sometimes annoying character trait. It is a good goal to do all your work perfectly, but you are not controlling everything. You can prepare a meeting as well, but unexpected things can happen. Let go of what you have no control over; there’s no point in worrying about it.

Stay healthy

Good physical health helps maintain good mental health. Do you sleep poorly and move little? That will not have a positive effect on your health. A good night’s sleep makes you feel more energetic and better able to face the day. Exercise also helps to reduce work stress.

So go to bed on time if you notice that you are more tired and make sure that you get the necessary exercise every day, even if it is just a short detour.

Home is home

Not entirely unimportant: know when to give up your work. Do you come home after a long day of work? Make sure that you relax and are no longer busy with work matters. That will come again tomorrow.

It is more difficult to give up when you work at home a lot, but try to do it. Do not work longer than planned. Close your laptop as soon as the workday is over and put it away. This way, you can balance work and private life when you work from home a lot.

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