Billie Eilish feels confident again after a long period of fear

Billie Eilish has felt insecure and untalented for a while. ‘I felt like I was always under pressure and was afraid that I wasn’t doing enough,’ the singer said in an interview with VEVO. By focusing on her second album, she regained confidence.

Billie Eilish’s album ‘Happier Than Ever’ will be released in a few days. For the album, she took inspiration from big names such as Frank Sinatra. And although the title suggests otherwise, the singer was not happy for a while

. “I used to feel anxious and felt like I wasn’t doing enough,” the 19-year-old American tells VEVO. “I experienced a lot of pressure. In addition, I feel like I was not talented.”

Eilish takes a closer look at who she really is in her album. “I was a kid, and I wanted to do business that kids did, but fame didn’t always make it happen. Therefore I was very angry and not grateful.

Despite the fame, the singer describes herself as a private person. She also says that people don’t know her at all. “Every time I see a post about myself popping up on the internet, I realize how little the internet knows about me.”

While making her album, Eilish practiced self-reflection. As a result, the singer now feels a lot more confident. “I’ve worked really hard, and I think this album is very creative,” she says candidly.

‘Happier Than Ever’ comes out on July 30.

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