“3,000 doses reserved for him”: Argentinian health minister has friends vaccinated faster

In Argentina, President Alberto Fernández has fired his health minister. Ginés González García had become embroiled in a scandal in which he had friends and allies vaccinated before. Three thousand doses would have been reserved for personal use.

“At your express request, I am submitting my resignation as a minister,” said a letter to the head of state. State Secretary Carla Vizzotti takes over the leadership of the ministry.

The reason for the dismissal of González García is the statements of the 79-year-old journalist Horacio Verbitsky in a radio program. He indicated that he had already been vaccinated at the Ministry of Health because of his friendship with the minister. According to the vaccination strategy, it was normally not his turn yet.

In total, González García is said to have reserved 3,000 doses for personal use. The powerful union boss Hugo Moyano, among others, is said to have already received a vaccination through him, together with his wife and 20-year-old son.

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