4 surprising benefits of complaining

Were you bothered by the neighbours again, was the train delayed again or is it something personal? In any case, we come across enough times when it is sometimes difficult not to complain.

Yet, we all often try to keep an optimistic view, which is, of course, a good thing. But did you know that sometimes complaining can be good for you?

Why is complaining good for you?

It is often more likable for the people you complain to if you chill and keep looking at things positively. But there are times when complaining can be good for you. Check it out:

1. You get rid of some of your frustration

Perhaps you are annoyed by a colleague or grumpy because the internet is down for the umpteenth time. At some point, you’ll have to take a breather here and then just let the frustration out. That can be a great relief, although you also have to be careful not to go too far.

2. By complaining, you can look for a solution together with someone else

If you don’t tell them what’s bothering you, the other person may never realize that something is bothering you. But if you indicate what your problem is, we can look for a solution together.

3. By complaining, you can see if someone else is trustworthy

When you’re complaining, it can be a way to learn more about the other person. You can pay attention to whether the other person supports you or whether they seem more prejudiced. So by complaining, you gain a little more insight into how someone sees you. Will they keep supporting you when you’re less favourable, or will it be used against you quickly? That way, it can help to see how your relationship with someone works.

4. Mindful dealing with complaining helps you reflect

During a conversation, we are often also reshaping our thoughts in some way. Especially when you get new information and gain new insights, when you’re not in the mood for a happy conversation and want to throw out all kinds of things, this can be more difficult. The trick is to stay mindful while complaining; then, it can help you reflect on things.

When complaining, make sure that you don’t go too far and that you keep looking for a good solution without offending the other person.

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