5 beliefs that don’t make your relationship strong

Do you think that honest and decent girls do not leave? Are you sure that your partner will appreciate the sincere feelings? Do you think that mom’s or grandmother’s advice will bring you happiness in your personal life and contribute to a long family union? So, all this may not work because, in love, there are no rules that apply to friendship or business.

What 5 beliefs won’t make your relationship strong

The harder you try, the better the result

It would seem that if you are a good and diligent hostess, then everything will certainly work out. If you put everything on your shoulders, trying to please your man in everything, he will gradually lose respect for you and get lazy. And why should he do something if you are perfectly coping with everything yourself?

In addition, many partners who want to get their beloved back to fail to pull the blanket over themselves. Accordingly, the more effort, time, attention, and gifts you spend trying to win his love, the more you lose balance in the relationship and lose.

The stronger your love, the better you are treated

The rule “you are for me – I am for you” does not work very well in a love relationship. In ordinary life, it allows you to reveal your upbringing, but nothing more. It does not speak of any sincere feelings. The way you treat your beloved is not a guarantee of mutual feelings and understanding. Excessive displays of love and affection can even alienate a man from you and scare him.

Fear of offending, being late, not keeping a promise, being predictable

Fears are paralyzing, and the more of them, the worse for you. Fearing inadvertently doing something wrong in a relationship and ruining it, you lose unpredictability. The shackles of ordinary human decency do not allow you to breathe freely.

Of course, you should not abuse your partner’s trust in love, but you also don’t need to behave as if you are facing a boss or a strict teacher and not a loved one. Stop making excuses at every step for your mistake. The fear of offending, refusing, letting you down, being late, etc., is a known path to losing in love.

The more experienced you are, the more successful

This professionalism in a career comes with experience and years, allowing you to understand better the issues related to your specialty. The more you develop, the more you achieve in your work. But the same cannot be said about the love sphere.

The more knowledge and experience you have in romantic affairs, the more likely you will lose. It is unsuccessful attempts at work that bring you closer to the result and make you more experienced, and in your personal life, every mistake is a step towards failure. So make your conclusions and give up trying if you don’t get it right from the start.

The longer it takes to storm an impregnable fortress, the better

Only in a career or study with perseverance and starvation can you achieve results: defend your point of view, achieve success, and get rid of those who prevent you from moving forward. In love, this rule does not work. By seeking your partner in all possible ways, you only push him further and further away from you.

Allow yourself to be the very impregnable fortress that you need to besiege and take. Men love to hunt. Even if you are not investing in the relationship yet, you will achieve better results, provided, of course, that you do not deprive the person of all hope of winning you over.

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