5 reasons why you probably do not get married

This is a situation that many young people who have reached maturity will experience at some point in their lives. Your friends and acquaintances get married, and you cannot always understand why you cannot get married as well. Of course, some people consider the marriages of their peers to be happy and normal events.

But if you feel a bit cramped when it comes to marriage, you are not alone – in fact, you have more company than ever before. A National Marriage Project study found that more young adults are delaying marriage because they consider it a cornerstone after reaching their life goals – professional and otherwise.

It would be wise to carefully consider each reason below for which you probably should not get married.

1. The wedding is just a label

Love is more of an inner thing that is more valuable than the whole protocol that surrounds marriage, which is called proof of love. If you want to engage with someone, you do not need a piece of paper to say it. You can be as dedicated, engaged, and loving a partner as anyone else without getting married.

2. It is not all relationships that stand the test of time

Marriage does not ensure the longevity of a union. When things get tough sometimes at weddings, divorce becomes an option, perhaps the ultimate option. Whether or not the separation is by mutual consent. When two people decide to end a long-term relationship in which they have invested their souls and hearts, ending up in legal trouble is the last thing they want to be involved in.

3. The marriage

Why go into debt for this event of a few hours. The money spent on wedding ceremonies is huge and could instead be invested in something more lucrative and profitable than a stomach you have to feed in the name of “responsibility”.

5 reasons why you probably do not get married

4. 50% of marriages end in divorce

Half of the marriages end in divorce. So, why do it if there is a good chance you are divorcing?

5. You lose your freedom

Why put yourself in a situation where you should go home because your partner is angry or bored when the party just started? You are limited in your activities just because of each other. All you need to do, you have to think about the other half, and you no longer have your freedom as it is before.

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