5 tips to control your nerves during a job interview

Have you been invited for a job interview? Then it is logical that you are nervous about that. But how do you make sure that those nerves don’t take over and get in the way of a new job?

We share tips to keep your nerves in check during a job interview.

Nervous about a job interview?

The first lesson of both is that you can’t hide nerves and then ignore them—five tips to manage your nerves during your next job interview.

Accept your nerves

Often we think we have to hide the nerves to nail the conversation. But nerves are part of it. But it would be wrong if you weren’t nervous. They make you more alert and energetic so that they lend a hand during the job interview.

Therefore, the trick is not to want to be ‘as little nervous as possible’ but to accept your nerves as part of the deal. Ironically, that, in turn, makes you calmer and determined to enter the conversation. In this way, the nerves are there, but they are more present in the background.

Preparation is key

This seems like a no-brainer, but not everyone seems to understand what preparation is. Good preparation will not only help you land the job, but it will also make you less nervous.

A job interview lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. Subtracting the small talk and your questions don’t leave much time for interviewers to ask questions. That is why the same questions are often asked during a job interview. So you can prepare for these questions.

But beware: there is a difference between thinking about the question and thinking about the answer. Often, applicants know the first two sentences of the answer (because they’ve thought about the question) but then go off the bat after that. So really write out your answers. You don’t have to memorize them but think about the whole answer.

They want you too

We often feel nervous during a job interview because we feel that the interview is not equal. After all, you want the job, and you have to ‘fight’ against other candidates.

But remember that you have already passed the first elimination round. You have been invited for an interview. That means they think you’re qualified and hope you become their new employee. They want to fill an empty vacancy, so they want to hire you as much as you want the job.

The person in front of you is also human

It’s okay to make a mistake, to get out of your words, or to let silence fall. The person in front of you is also human and understands that you are nervous. He or she does not expect you to be flawless but does expect you to be able to pick yourself up after such a mistake or a slip of the tongue.

So it’s not the end of the world if you make a mistake. Take a deep breath and continue your story.

Accept the drink during the job interview

During a job interview, you are always asked if you want something to drink. Always say yes to this. Even if you don’t feel like it because of the nerves or if you are not thirsty. If necessary, ask for a glass of water.

Why? If you say yes, it shows that you feel comfortable. Moreover, it is a useful tool during the conversation itself. Is there a question that requires you to think about the answer? Then you take a sip. This way, you have more control over your nerves and the speed of the job interview.

Finally, holding a drink is the ideal way to counter nervous tapping with your fingers. In short, accept the drink.

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