50 interesting facts about mathematics

Interesting facts about mathematics are not familiar to everyone. In modern times, mathematics is used everywhere, even despite technological progress. The science of mathematics is valuable to humans. Interesting facts about it will interest even children.

30 interesting facts about mathematics

  1. Not always people used the decimal number system. Previously, a system of 20 numbers was used.
  2. In Rome, there was never a number 0, although the people there are smart and know how to count.
  3. Sophia Kovalevskaya proved that you could learn mathematics at home.
  4. The records that were found in Swaziland on bones are the oldest mathematical work.
  5. The decimal number system began to be used due to the presence of only 10 fingers on the hands.
  6. Thanks to mathematics, it is known that a tie can be tied in 177147 ways.
  7. In 1900, all mathematical results could be contained in 80 books.
  8. The word “algebra” has the same pronunciation in all popular languages of the world.
  9. René Descartes introduced real and imaginary numbers in mathematics.
  10. The sum of all numbers from 1 to 100 will be 5050.
  11. The Egyptians did not know fractions.
  12. Counting the sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel, the devil’s number is 666.
  13. With three strokes of the knife, the cake is divided into 8 identical parts. And there are only 2 ways to do this.
  14. Zero cannot be written in roman numbers.
  15. The first female mathematician is Hypatia, who lived in Egyptian Alexandria.
  16. Zero is the only number that has several names.
  17. There is a world day of mathematics.
  18. Bill was created in Indiana.
  19. The writer Lewis Carroll, who wrote Alice in Wonderland, was a mathematician.
  20. Thanks to mathematics, logic arose.
  21. Moavr, through an arithmetic progression, was able to predict the date of his death.
  22. Solitaire is considered the simplest mathematical solitaire game.
  23. Euclid was one of the most mysterious mathematicians. No information about him reached the descendants, but there are mathematical works.
  24. Most mathematicians in their school years behaved disgustingly.
  25. Alfred Nobel decided not to include mathematics in his list of awards.
  26. Mathematics has braid theory, knot theory, and game theory.
  27. In Taiwan, the number 4 is almost nowhere to be found.
  28. For the sake of mathematics, Sofya Kovalevskaya had to enter into a fictitious marriage.
  29. Two unofficial holidays have the number Pi: March 14 and July 22.
  30. Our whole life consists of mathematics.

20 fun facts about math for kids

50 interesting facts about mathematics
  1. It was Robert Record who began using the equal sign in 1557.
  2. Researchers in America believe that students who chew gum on a math test achieve more.
  3. The number 13 is considered unlucky because of the biblical legend.
  4. Even Napoleon Bonaparte wrote mathematical works.
  5. Fingers and pebbles were considered the first computing devices.
  6. The ancient Egyptians lacked multiplication tables and rules.
  7. Number 666 is shrouded in legends and is the most mystical of all.
  8. Negative numbers were not used until the 19th century.
  9. If you translate the number 4 from the Chinese, it means “death”.
  10. Italians don’t like the number 17.
  11. A large number of people consider 7 to be a lucky number.
  12. The largest number in the world is the centillion.
  13. The only prime numbers that end in 2 and 5 are 2 and 5.
  14. The number pi was first introduced into use in the 6th century BC by the Indian mathematician Budhayan.
  15. In the 6th century, quadratic equations were created in India.
  16. If a triangle is drawn on a sphere, then all its corners will only be right.
  17. The first familiar signs of addition and subtraction were described almost 520 years ago in the book “Rules of Algebra”, written by Jan Widman.
  18. Augusten Cauchy, a French mathematician, wrote more than 700 works in which he proved the finiteness of the number of stars, the finiteness of the natural series of numbers and the finiteness of the world.
  19. The work of the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid consists of 13 volumes.
  20. For the first time, the ancient Greeks brought this science into a separate branch of mathematics.

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