6 signs that a woman is using you

You’ve been dating the same woman for a while. It started as casual dating, but you get more and more feelings for the lady in question. However, this need not apply the other way around. It could be that a woman is using you. You can recognize this by the following signs.

She hates talking to you about your relationship

She never openly talks to you about commitment. When you want to have a relationship talk with her, she likes nothing more than to dodge the questions. She prefers to keep it casual, and if you ask if she wants to make it official, you’ll see her change the subject or answer, ‘it’s fine the way it is, right?’

She only sees her way as the only way

She has little or no respect for your opinion in any situation. When you disagree with her, she acts like you only care about yourself. Her will is the law.

She doesn’t care about your feelings

She doesn’t care at all about your emotional well-being. She never invests in knowing how you feel and if you’re okay. She makes zero effort and doesn’t even know how to cheer you up when you’re emotionally down,

She turns you into a “human ATM”

She always uses you as a means to achieve her financial goals. You are her ATM. When you go out for dinner, she looks at you to pay the bill, never willingly offers to pay herself. If you can’t afford her expensive clothes or whatever her heart desires, she’ll get irritated.

She only cares about her s3xual pleasure

If the two of you are ready together, she only cares about her own pleasure. She tells you the myriad ways she wants to be pleased and satisfied; she never wants the table to be turned. You can make every effort, and she doesn’t ask about your desires in bed.

She is open to other alternatives

Being in a relationship means staying loyal to your partner. And being loyal to your partner means you have no other choices to fall back on unless you’re not quite in the relationship. A woman who only uses you has a lot of men she can get on with. She doesn’t see you as someone she can have a long-term relationship with. She sees you as someone for pleasure.

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