6 signs that you have met the wrong woman

The first months of a relationship are a fairy tale. You are in love, she too, everything is beautiful and romantic, everything is new. But, unfortunately, it sometimes happens that after a period when it was torture to spend the day apart, new, not very pleasant things are revealed to you. She starts talking about something wrong with you, trying to fix something. Where these claims were before is not clear.

To not waste time on a relationship with a person who does not suit you, you need to take a bath with ice and think with a cool head. Do you need what she asks for? Is it true that there is something so unpleasant about you that you need to change it for everything to be fine? And, perhaps, in the end, you will understand that it is not worth wasting time and effort because all that you are asked about is not to be yourself.

Considers your hobby to be nonsense

And in general, your hobbies are a waste of time. For example, you like to draw. You don’t dream of exhibitions, and maybe you don’t draw very well, but the main thing is that you like to do it. This is your way to relax, distract yourself. Boost creativity, after all.

If she insists that it’s not serious, stupid, and in general you’re doing so-so, then you should think about it. At the very least, this is disrespectful. And, as you know, hearing something unpleasant from a loved one is always more painful than from anyone else. In the end, it can just destroy your self-esteem. Do you need it? We don’t think so. And by the way, you shouldn’t pay with the same coin.

It is important to understand that a hobby is an occupation to which people devote their free time from work. But if her behavior is connected with the fact that you wipe your pants, do not work, and constantly sit at home, you can understand her. In general, think about it.

You are not a priority for her

There is always time for what matters. In a healthy relationship, you are a priority for her, as she is for you. This does not mean that both should strive to spend time together day and night. You have a job, favorite activities, but sometimes you need to give up some business in favor of spending time together.

For example, you easily score on an important match of your favorite football club because you miss it and want to spend time with her. These are little things, but they all add up. It would help if you made concessions. If she is not ready for this – obviously, you are not in the first place for her.

She doesn’t like your smell

Let’s make a reservation right away that if you don’t take care of yourself, it’s in vain. And you can understand it. You should not overdo it and bother too much in your appearance.

This indicates self-esteem problems. But if you don’t have such problems, and she doesn’t like your fresh scent in principle, this is not your friend. Is it stupid? Not a drop. Physiology is such a thing; there is nothing you can do about it. However, this often pops up at the beginning of a relationship, but there are exceptions. Pay attention to this.

She doesn’t like your body

The main critic of your body is yourself. But not in words, but deeds. If you don’t like something, you need to fix it and not just talk about it. But in the case when you are happy with everything and, in principle, you have a normal physique, and she, for example, needs relief – this is not your person.

She must understand that not all features of the human body can be corrected. And not all – it is necessary. However, if you have grown obscenely during a relationship, you should understand that this is at least asexual and unhealthy. In this case, her criticism is more likely related to caring for you and your health. But again, if you were originally, so to speak, in the body and only six months later she said that she did not like it, the question arises: where did she look before?

She deifies you

Looking into your mouth, she freezes in anticipation of your words. After all, for her, they are like manna from heaven. And this is very bad because this can only be for two reasons: she is a complete fool, or this is a way to manipulate you. In the case of the second, she will fawn on you for the time being, and in the end, she will divorce you so that you constantly have to prove your coolness.

If there is such a thing, think about it. And in general, it is not worth trying to achieve this. And if you still need it – isn’t it a need for a mommy to whom you want to shout: “Look how I can!”

She is interested in talking, not doing

You chat with her as a friend, and you feel good. She does not care about your actions, the ability to make a decision in a difficult situation. Yes, you have no time to demonstrate this. In theory, it should be the other way around.

If a girl sees in a guy a reliable person, someone who can be relied on in any situation, then, first of all, she will appreciate him for his deeds. If she likes to spend time with you just as with a good conversationalist, she is most likely not planning anything serious. One of the signs that you are her “friend” is that you rarely have s*x.

We do not pass these signs off as a hypothesis. There are very ambiguous situations. The main thing is to be able to push away feelings to look at the situation soberly. If something bothers you in a relationship with a friend, take off your rose-colored glasses and figure out what’s between you.

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