6 daily little things that will make a marriage indestructible

What is the first thing you think of when the alarm rings in the morning? Most likely, you are engaged in sorting through your list of daily tasks in your head: getting the children to school, repeating the words of the presentation, picking up clothes from the dry cleaning, calling a friend back, and the like. But I bet there is something significant that you probably keep forgetting about?

Your man! Of course, you think about your partner … You send each other SMS and share your successes, you both make an effort to have “spontaneous” sex periodically… But remember when you took a break in the daily routine and singled out time, especially for him? This ideal time may well be morning! And not only because with morning chores, we set the tone for the whole day, but also because at this time, we have not yet had time to get bogged down in other responsibilities.

On top of that, we have the lowest heart rate and lowest blood pressure in the early morning. During this time, we are more relaxed and open to intimate experiences. Unfortunately, many couples often jump out of bed, completely ignoring each other because they only think they are late for work.

Of course, you can say that you have absolutely no time or energy to do something big before brushing your teeth. But this is not required of you! You need to introduce these 6 little things into your everyday life! Start doing them, and you will immediately see how your relationship with your partner will improve:

1. Say good morning and goodbye to your partner!

While it sounds corny, this little token of affection can make a big difference in your relationship. Think about it! Are you saying goodbye

to your colleagues before you close your computer and head home? And having delivered your child to school, you probably say hello to the teachers and wish them a good day? Your partner deserves the same treatment.

“If you don’t say good morning and the like to your partner, it can make them feel isolated and abandoned.” “Saying goodbye is just as important as saying hello even if you’re in an argument! Silently slamming the door makes most people feel lonely. We are often stressed in the morning, so that this behavior can provoke further resentment and disconnection from your partner.”

2. Wake up 10 minutes earlier for a quiet coffee together

How long have you been sitting in the kitchen together for a cup of coffee (well, except for Sunday morning, of course!)? It is no coincidence that most commercial deals and social gatherings involve the ritual of drinking coffee! This activity takes quite a long time, allowing people to communicate fully.

A relationship expert suggests setting your alarm 10 minutes early so you can enjoy your morning coffee in peace before getting into your usual chores. At first, it will be difficult for you to wake up earlier than usual, but it will become a habit that you will look forward to overtime. “You don’t just set your mood for the whole day; you set your mind.”

3. Compliment

Of course, we all know perfectly well that compliments always work, but getting bogged down, you forget to tell your partner why you agreed to marry him get married. Or why you are so proud of him … Or why you love him so much …

Researcher John Gottman argues that a strong marriage is guaranteed for you if you balance every negative statement with five positive ones. Even if it’s just, “You smell good today!” or “You showed yourself to be a real father yesterday!” will set the tone for the day. There is nothing better than starting your morning with a compliment!

4. Don’t be angry

You know you can’t go to bed without making up, but Sarah Sedlik argues that it’s much more important not to leave the house feeling upset. “Morning is a great time to make up before everyday worries increase resentment or anger.

Who wants to feel misunderstood when trying to focus on work or household chores?” she says. Deal with the subject in the morning (at least give it a try), and you will feel a massive difference in how you feel for the rest of the day.

5. Admire each other

Remember the time when you first started dating your partner? You couldn’t stop looking at them, and you probably spent a lot of time just looking into each other’s eyes. Of course, this behavior is more inherent in couples at the stage of falling in love, but eye contact must be present throughout the entire time of your relationship. “Over time, people lose sight of each other (in the literal sense of the word), so it is essential to learn to look at your partner with loving eyes again.”

“It’s so wonderful to wake up and look into each other’s eyes! Nothing will distract you, and both of you are more likely to be relaxed and open.” You will feel like one again! And even if your staring game turns into a giggle.

6. Tell your partner a joke

Any … Anything … Do you both like good intellectual humor, or do you like obscene anecdotes more? Everything in your style! Perhaps you have some of your jokes that always cheer up … “Jokes help relieve stress. They create a permanent bond and a sense of marriage partnership.” Remember that the more often you laugh together, the stronger your bond!

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