7 characteristics of a healthy relationship

A relationship is a real rollercoaster: sometimes things go well between two partners, while other times it can be fire against fire. But how do you know that, in general, you are in a happy and healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship does not just happen: you have to do something to build a good bond and click with someone, and you have to be lucky that you have met someone with whom you can build a future. Unfortunately, partners often don’t know whether they are in a healthy relationship.

If you’re still in doubt whether the relationship you’re in right now is the best you can eventually get, then we’ve found seven characteristics that will help you in this quest.

7 characteristics of a happy relationship

7 Characteristics of a healthy relationship

1. You are each other’s jackpot

You are having a drink with friends one evening, and suddenly some beautiful ladies come to drink with you. What does that do to you? Just thinking “my girlfriend is much nicer” means you hit the jackpot. Of course, it has to be the other way around; otherwise, it only comes from one side.

2. You put each other on #1

If you always put your girlfriend first and yourself after that, then you’re doing well. It is very self-centered when you put yourself above your partner. Are you in love with your girlfriend and not with yourself? And if that is also the case the other way around, the chances of a healthy relationship are very high.

3. You have chats with each other

Communicate without actually saying what you want to say: If you have this often, chances are your relationship is stable. Having a chat is proof that you trust each other, making you feel the connection between you even more.

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4. You remember the little things

“Remember when you brought me that chocolate when I was on my period?” When your girlfriend says things like this, you know you’re in a healthy relationship because it is about the little gestures and things in a relationship.

5. You sometimes argue and solve it

A relationship without a fight is not a healthy relationship. You don’t have to argue often in a relationship, but sometimes a disagreement can only strengthen your relationship.

So occasionally make a problem out of something you didn’t like. Then you know what you have after it is resolved between the two of you.

6. Compliment each other

7 characteristics of a happy relationship

“You look so good today” is one of those phrases you need to say now and then. By giving each other compliments, you stay satisfied, and you both have that you stand out from the rest.

7. Have respect for each other

Is your girlfriend not feeling well, or are you not having your day? Have respect for the other and show interest. Respect is the most crucial part of a relationship, so it never hurts your partner. The chance of a healthy relationship is high with respect as the most necessary part

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