6 types of friends that are important to have in life

There is a whole “support network” for all occasions when you have versatile friends. With one you can talk about politics, with another you can share your love experiences, with the third you can go on a hike. It is very difficult to rely on one person in such different matters, and it is almost impossible to find such a person. We will tell you about 6 types of friends to have in life.

Childhood friend

6 types of friends that are important to have in life

Classmates with whom you still communicate or a friend with whom you lived in the same yard when you were little are important companions in adulthood. They know more about us than other acquaintances. They don’t find it strange that you still love a teenage music group when you were 16 or grimace in photos.

Here are a few more reasons why keeping in touch with childhood friends is a great idea:

  • with them, you can remember pleasant moments from the past;
  • with them, you are not ashamed to be yourself;
  • you have jokes with them that are understandable only to you – this increases the feeling of closeness;
  • they can notice and tell how you have changed over time;
  • they understood us in difficult adolescence, so it is pretty easy to share “adult” experiences.

A friend who can listen

If you have a friend to whom you can turn for help and advice in difficult times, you can consider yourself a happy person. This closeness is important and helps us not get through difficult times alone.

Such a friend is ready to listen and try to understand you, without judging you even when you talk about not your best deeds. He does everything he can to help you solve the problem – it doesn’t matter to him whether it’s talking on the phone or traveling a thousand kilometers.

To have such a friend, you need to develop positive qualities yourself. For example, learn to be more attentive to the interlocutor’s words, take an interest in the life of your friends, offer help, try to support when someone close is faced with difficulties.

A friend with a hobby like yours

6 types of friends that are important to have in life

Carried away by something, we are constantly learning and developing. It is very important that those nearby can support us in this.

There is always something to talk about with friends who have the same hobbies as yours. And you can also ask them for advice, share the secrets of mastery, spend time together at your favorite pastime.

Agree, you are more willing to share your training program with a friend who goes to the gym herself than with those who do not. And you will talk with them about something else – and no one can accuse you of being too fixated on your hobby or “loading” them with incomprehensible information. Thus, you can “share” topics of conversation with like-minded people and those who do not understand your hobbies.

A friend always ready for adventure

It would help if you had someone always ready for something new. It helps you challenge yourself, learn something, move forward.

Such a friend has irrepressible energy and desire to do something. It is he who will invite you to go on an unexpected weekend trip, visit an escape room or try spicy Indian cuisine.

Thanks to such a friend, it is easier for you to try something new, fight your fears and get new impressions.

A friend who always tells the truth, whatever it may be

No matter how harsh the truth may be, such a friend will be truly honest with you. This is why you should appreciate him – he tells you sharp remarks, not to offend you, but to help you become better.

This manifests itself in moments when a friend honestly tells you that a new dress does not fit you. Or remarks that you are not right with someone. And she can also point out the negative qualities that interfere with you in life.

What to do with this is up to you, but you definitely shouldn’t be offended by her words. People with honesty and straightforwardness in character thus show their care and attention. They cannot remain silent when they see that you are not okay – and this is much better than if they “played along” with you without trying to help.

Note, however, that any honesty is only appropriate upon request. Even if it is sincere, imposing your own opinion is a sign of toxic friendship. No one has the right to comment on our life and appearance without asking, even out of good intentions. Therefore, it is especially valuable if your honest friend is also discreet.

Friend from work

6 types of friends that are important to have in life

When we work in the same company for a long time, we get closer to our colleagues. Sometimes it grows into friendship – and that fellowship makes our life better.

A friend from work understands the problems you face like no one else and can support you. For example, to comfort you if the boss was unfair to you or help with a report when you are too busy.

Note that sharing too personal experiences or actively criticizing the bosses with such a friend is still not worth it. But having lunch together, discussing work processes and plans for the weekend is a great idea.

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