7 differences between how men and women fall in love

Not only what we have in between our legs make us different in a relationship. Men and women show differences in feelings, reactions and especially how they fall in love.

According to science, there aren’t many differences between men’s and women’s feelings regarding falling in love, but there are certainly a few differences between how they fall in love. For example, the man is more likely to say ‘I love you, but there is also a difference between how early the person falls in love with another.

In addition, there are more differences between how a man or woman falls in love.

Falling in love: differences between men and women

Men and women differ in expressing feelings and emotions. And while it’s sometimes hard to measure because it’s such a subjective topic, there are some differences when it comes to love.

“Research shows that men and women differ in expressing emotions and describing their thoughts about them differently,” said psychologist Dr Danielle Forshee to Bustle Magazine.

However, according to several studies, differences have been found between the man and woman when falling in love. Now your gender at the end of the day doesn’t say much; this is mainly about straight men and women, but who knows, maybe this is the case with you. We’ve collected seven fascinating differences between how men and women fall in love.

Women often focus on one person

In general, a woman focuses more quickly on one man and a man soon on several women. This does not mean that every man does this or is therefore more likely to cheat, but according to a study, a woman focuses more quickly on one man or boy.

7 differences between how men and women fall in love

Men fall in love faster

You won’t expect it, but men do fall in love faster than women. A study demonstrated this. The reason is quite simple: it mainly has to do with biology.

“The study authors concluded that this makes sense because, for evolutionary and biological reasons, women need to be warier of falling for someone,” two dating experts, Jonathan and David Bennett, says it is often thought that the woman falls in love faster, but that is not the case at all.

Men are more likely to say, “I love you”

This is also not often thought of, but men say “I love you” faster than women. The previous study also examined whether men also express it faster, and that is true. Because they are more likely to feel love for their (future) partner, they will also tell this more quickly. This is partly because of biology and somewhat because women only say it when they are ready.

Women are more likely to say, “I love you”

Just because a woman is less likely to say “I love you” doesn’t mean she will say it less. Anyone in a relationship will probably know that a man says, ‘I love you less than a woman, and there are reasons for that. According to research, the words mean much more to a woman than to a man.

Women put the words “I love you” in the top ten of most refined and best romantic actions, while a man does not. However, when a man knows that these words mean a lot to their partner, they often say them. Women, the words also mean that they have security and are connected with their partner.

Women need more time to become themselves around their partner

A man is more likely to fall in love with a woman. So a woman needs more time to say the words “I love you” and fall in love and become herself with their partner. According to a study, many more factors play a role in a woman than just appearance and inner. While men are more likely to fall “in love at first sight”, women are less likely to fall in love.

Men and women looking for the same qualities

Many studies show that despite the above differences, there are also some similarities between how men and women fall in love. Both are looking for the same things: house, tree, animal. Other qualities and characteristics of a (future) partner also play a significant role in both sexes. Kindness, humour, intelligence, understanding and respect are also vital.

7 differences between how men and women fall in love

Men are more likely to feel that the love is not mutual

As we just mentioned, men are more likely to experience the feeling of “love at first sight” and more often have the experience and the feeling that their love is not reciprocated. Also, many men confuse love with lust, which can cause everything to align.

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