7 human lives: that’s how many we are reborn in this world

According to many theories, a person is reborn in this world 7 times. That is how much he needs to fulfil his mission on our Earth fully. But few experts tell us why exactly reincarnation occurs 7 times.

I decided today to fill this gap in knowledge and tell you about why exactly 7 times a person is reborn.

7 human lives

In fact, everything is very simple here. There are exactly 7 types of personalities that every person should visit throughout their existence in our world. You can read what types exist and understand at what stage of soul rebirth you are now.

1. Infant


Just as after birth, all children begin to explore the world around them, the soul in the “baby” stage also appeared on Earth for the first time. She still has absolutely no baggage of knowledge about spiritual things.

Such people rarely achieve anything significant in life and try to just live life to see the end. This is what interests the soul in the first cycle of birth in our world.

2. An inquisitive student

An inquisitive student
An inquisitive student

If the past life was devoted to a sense of misunderstanding of what is happening, then we already begin to explore everything for real during the second cycle of rebirth.

At this spiritual stage, we usually learn the most information about the universe, spirituality, and energy. Right now, we understand how important these things are. But do not worry, for all 7 cycles, we will have time to forget it, and then to remember it again.

3. Researcher


Here the situation can go down two different paths. Or a person will continue to study spirituality and will go to investigate it by the actual example. Or we will doubt the importance of the knowledge gained in the last cycle and go to explore the world from the point of view of a spiritless person.

If you are at this stage of rebirth now, then know that it is never too late to return to the path that will be useful for your soul. But if you don’t do this during the third cycle of reincarnation, then everything will be much more complicated.

4. In love

In love
In love

If you have come to this stage of soul rebirth from the path of spirituality, then right now, you will feel the sweetness of eternal love for the first time. The right soul is already waiting for you. You just need to find her in the world.

However, if you were in a previous life on the path of lack of spirituality, then the current love can turn into a real nightmare for you. No soul will be able to coexist with you for a long time. If you are at this stage and understand that you cannot keep a loved one near you for a long time, then you need to do the following:

5. Sit in any meditation position

Sit in any meditation position
Sit in any meditation position

Tell the universe: “I’m going back to spirituality. I wish you love.” Wait. This ritual does not always work, about 40% of the time. However, this is all that can be done at this stage of life.

6. Winner


We all become equal at this stage of the soul’s reincarnation. There is no longer a division between the spiritual and the spiritless. Now only victory will be important for the soul. And it does not matter what it is about.

You will always have the zeal to take only the first place. It was at this stage of the cycle of rebirth that the souls of absolutely all successful people on the planet were located. The fact is that at no other stage are permanent victories important to us. And without them, it is simply impossible to become a truly successful person.

7. The Giver

The Giver
The Giver

The stage at which the spiritless people who chose such a path during the “Researcher” stage will again remember the truly important things. Also, absolutely all, without exception, souls at the “Giver” stage will only give positivity to others and charge the soul to the last stage of rebirth.

  1. The superiority of the spirit (transcendence)

That’s it, we have come to the primacy of the spirit. The material world is not important to us. We are beginning to connect with the universe.

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