7 little things that create a bad image for you

There aren’t many things in life that can’t be purchased, but one of them is one’s image. It doesn’t matter if your shirt is pricey and perpetually crumpled or if it’s simple but always washed and straightened. You can have two higher educations with slang and parasitic words in your speech or merely a school education with a non-swearing background.

The image resembles the second sock in a pair, which is challenging to locate and easily misplace. Over time, the image we construct becomes our face; crucial decisions are made based on it, and relationships in our inner circle and work are established. It comprises a variety of factors, including a person’s character and habits, both of which are changeable. This does not necessitate money or particular knowledge, but it does require reflection and determination.

1. A lack of punctuality

7 little things that create a bad image for you

If your workplace has a bonus system, it is most likely enough not to be late to receive the minimum reward. It would help if you arrived on time, and you will be in excellent standing at the very least. The same is true in relationships with family and friends: timeliness is not regarded as an accomplishment, but it is always remembered and appreciated.

To become more prompt, you must realize that no explanation may be used as an excuse, especially when delays are frequent. City traffic jams, late taxis, and unexpected cases point to your poor preparedness. No one else is responsible for this, which means you should pay with time, not the others who arrived at the meeting on time.

The remedy is straightforward: if you know, you are constantly late, get out of the house one hour earlier. You’ll wait for half an hour, then once or twice more, and perhaps you’ll learn to value time and plan better.

2. Forgetfulness

The statement “I forgot” is an admission of one’s insolvency, not an excuse. It’s not about other people’s rage or misinterpretation; it’s simply hard to conduct serious business with a forgetful person. After all, he can forget about them, as he has done on several occasions.

If you always forget things, write them down because your memory is only your responsibility. Keeping records is not something to be ashamed of. Instead, it can even produce a professional image, which is far superior to the image of someone clumsy.

You can, however, strive to improve your memory, although this is not the easiest or most fun pastime. They were required to learn poetry at school to improve their memory, but there are many more modern methods.

3. Inability to listen

7 little things that create a bad image for you

Because some people are unwilling or unable to listen, it is impossible to have a productive conversation with them. It appears to be a normal chat from the outside, but it is a conversation with the wall.

Perhaps you have an intriguing point of view on things, and you will have plenty of opportunities to express it because you are in charge of your language. On the other hand, the interlocutor’s speech can be uttered in a single copy, and you won’t be able to re-listen; thus, you’ll lose the irreplaceable in favor of the limitless.

4. Importunity

Do you enjoy catching flies? They don’t appear to be particularly harmful, and they don’t even bite like mosquitoes, yet they can bother anyone with their intrusiveness. Some people are extremely annoying. You’ll let them into your life through a window, and you won’t be able to get rid of them without a fly swatter.

You can be the nicest and happiest person on the planet, but addiction will destroy all great attributes, making you persona non grata in the same circle you seek. The issue isn’t so much with how you interact with people as it is with your depreciation. Rather than being a fought-off fly, transform into a bee or, at the very least, a wasp. As a result, you’ll pique people’s interest in you and possibly elicit some additional emotions.

5. Empty talk

Consider an alarm clock that doesn’t go off at the same time every day but instead rings in whichever order it wants, anytime it wants. No one requires such a device unless it is given as a joke. That is why constantly silent persons do not command much respect or popularity. They can be useful as a tool for creating or complementing the atmosphere at a loud party. A person who talks about everything in everyday life or at work is usually tiresome.

Your hobbies are likely unique to you, and most people do not share them. However, their hobbies are not yours, and you are unlikely to be very knowledgeable about them. When used to the place and consciously, words are costly. It is not essential to be a fish, but you should not want to be a howler monkey.

6. Pride

Pride is the pettiness of brilliance when you desire to appear to be something you are not. Significant accomplishments and actions will be praised, but not with excessive arrogance. The need for fame and adoration, on the other hand, might have the exact opposite impact, even decimating true merits.

An inflated feeling of self-esteem and arrogance are the roots of pride. Such characteristics can attract a small group of followers, not supporters or like-minded individuals.

7. Excessive stubbornness

Any quality can appear in various forms, each with its own set of colours. As a sheep, you can be persistent or stubborn. The quality in the first situation is generally positive, whereas, in the second, it is more frequently negative. The ram is simply slamming his head against the wall, but the wall is stronger, and you must seek another exit.

Excessive stubbornness throws a veil over the eyes and cotton wool over the ears. It prevents you from noticing and evaluating alternate proposals instead of forcing you to make your own mistake. Such a stubborn person eventually stops giving counsel and prefers to watch from the sidelines. After all, he can hurt with his awkwardly waving horns.

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