I feel ugly every day: 8 things that get easier when you’re ugly

Attractiveness is a subjective concept. But there are quite a few people whom the majority do not consider beautiful, and this is a shame. Such people have a specific appearance or, conversely, a typical stereotypical one.

If you are not particularly beautiful and do not become the center of attraction for the opposite sex, do not despair because many things, in this case, become simple.

Be lonely

People with more or less attractive appearances have to come up with excuses why they are alone constantly. Someone does not want a relationship, someone has no luck with the opposite sex, and constantly bumps into unpleasant people, and someone enjoys other things.

If you are ugly, you do not need to explain why you do not have a second half because, by default, everyone understands everything perfectly. Nobody will ask, “Well, when will you get married?” or “it’s time to start a family and children, why are you alone?” etc.

Get old

Many beautiful people are very afraid of aging because it rarely makes a person attractive. But for an ugly person, aging is just another stage in life.

Yes, wrinkles and folds will appear, the skin will sag, but if you are ugly, it will not spoil you much. Moreover, for an ugly person, aging is even a kind of chance to become more attractive.

Remain inconspicuous

Beautiful people constantly attract attention to themselves and cannot just get lost in the crowd. A person with an unattractive appearance can remain invisible and easily maintain the anonymity of their life. This is a kind of camouflage that helps you not to face the violation of your comfort zone every time.

Succeed in life

Of course, not all handsome guys and girls are stupid. Still, many are indifferent to their education, believing that their appearance will feed them—a completely different path for unattractive people. Just look at the richest people in the world and politicians, and you will understand that there are few of them, not only beautiful but even with an average appearance.

Instead of indulging in narcissism, relying only on their appearance, spending time on entertainment, they develop their talents because they have no other way. Thanks to their efforts, without being distracted by other things, they achieve heights.

Be faithful

People are inherently more polygamous than monogamous, although there are many virtues in loving one partner. Nature has laid down polygamy in us to diversify our species, to make it as numerous as possible. Most of all, the temptations of beautiful people, who are often faced with offers implying cheating on their partner.

It is much easier for ugly people because no offers are received, which means there are no temptations either. We understand so-so dignity, but for the partners of ugly people, this is good.

Find a partner who loves you for your qualities

Many people make their choice based only on their appearance. This is quite normal because evolution has laid in us a craving for more attractive people, suggesting that they are healthy and more suitable for procreation, even if they are not.

Ugly people do not ask the question, “she loves me as a person, or only for my appearance,” because everything is clear anyway. And when people love each other primarily for their personal qualities, and only then for their appearance, this allows them to create truly strong families.

Understand the true essence of people

Beauty distorts the perception of people. They become either too friendly if a person is attracted to them, or vice versa, aggressive, since they see him as their rival. An ugly person does not cause such emotions, and their perception is less distorted. It helps to get to know people better without prejudice on their part.

Be the one who calms people down

The phrase “look at me, I achieved everything myself,” designed to calm a person who has failed in something, uttered by a handsome man, is a mockery. Of course, everyone is happy to see you in their team and is more likely to be promoted to leadership positions simply because partners and competitors will find it more pleasant to communicate with a handsome representative.

But it is much easier for an ugly person to be a kind of psychologist, calming people down. You believe him because his consciousness is not clouded by narcissism, and he knows what it is like to knock on locked doors and not find an answer. He understands how other people are unlucky enough to be sex symbols.

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