7 reasons why conflict occurs in your relationship

Many couples often complain about constant scandals over little things. How to understand who is to blame for this and what signs can be harbingers of an imminent separation? We are trying to figure it out and give an honest answer.

You can’t hear each other

The main reason for conflicts in a relationship is the inability to hear a partner. Not in the literal sense of the word, of course. You can listen carefully to everything that the person says to you, but at the same time not hear.

Do not understand what exactly he means, do not even try to notice hints and act without taking into account his opinion. In the eyes of a loved one, your actions can be perceived as pure selfishness.

Another option is when, when discussing important things for one of you, the second one seems to “turn off” for the duration of the conversation. Naturally, this causes resentment, which subsequently spills over into serious conflicts.

You tired of relationships

There is nothing eternal in life – and this also applies to your relationship, unfortunately. You may not realize that your relationship is doomed and is approaching its logical conclusion. But the feelings are no longer so strong, and what previously seemed funny and attractive later begins to cause only irritation.

Perhaps prohibitions and other restrictions are pressing on you – you want more freedom and understand that you would not mind living a little more alone. Relationships feel like a ballast that needs to be thrown off to make things easier.

You are not right for each other

Relationships are often based on the passion that occurs during first dates. It seems that you are meant for each other, and you form a couple; only after a while can you realize that absolutely nothing binds you apart from s*x.

You are different in character, in views and life values, you have no common hobbies, you do not find a common language, which entails scandals and misunderstandings. In such a situation, you have two options for developing events: you either disagree, admit to each other in the absence of a collective future, or direct all your efforts to get to know each other better and still find something that connects you.

You tired of each other

When people spend too much time together, they can get tired of each other. In this case, the reason for quarrels may be the desire of one of the partners to find someone else. Also, if one couple wants to change the current situation and is faced with the complete inaction and lack of initiative of a loved one, scandals cannot be avoided.

It is easy to recognize whether this problem has touched you: if you see only flaws in your partner and constantly compare him with others, then most likely, your relationship is at risk.

Your outlook on life has changed

At some point, one of you may realize that some things have taken on a completely new meaning for him. And while a person who has acquired new life values and has changed the usual view of the world is developing, the second can stagnate, refusing to change something.

This often happens if one of the couples begins to comprehend something new, and the second remains the same as he was at the time of their acquaintance. For example, a girl builds her career, gets a new education, joins in sports, and her boyfriend continues to prefer eloquence to action, sits in a hopeless position, or, worst of all, spends his everyday life lying on the couch with a bottle of wine. There is one tough but honest principle in a relationship: you either try to fit in with each other or drift apart.

You have different plans for the future

He wants children, and she wants a career. Or briefly about the very essence. If you imagine your future existence differently and each of you is waiting for your partner to agree with him and accept his point of view, conflicts follow quite naturally.

Because no one is going to give in, and when the ideas of one of the couple are rejected, the other will indeed have grievances: “Why don’t you want to sit at home and raise our children?” or “Why don’t you want to settle down and sit in one place finally?” You will never be happy in a relationship when you know that you will have to sacrifice your dreams of an ideal future for love or get over the breakup.

You pay too little attention to each other

Girls need attention – perhaps a deaf person has not heard of this. But do not even begin to deny the fact that you would also like attention from your beloved girl.

When one of you does not receive this attention or does not receive it, he tries to attract it by any means—for example, another quarrel over mere trifles. So instead of trying to sort things out, you should sit down and talk about what the person does not like at the moment.

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