7 reasons why you hide your feelings from the girl you like

Do you feel sympathy or love but do not take any steps to confess your feelings to the girl, or do you show her obvious signs of attention, constantly correspond and meet with her, but something prevents you from starting a frank conversation?

Do not rush to conclude that these are fake feelings or that the girl is unlikely to suit you in terms of communication or interests. More often than not, the real reason for this behavior is hidden much deeper.

You are afraid of a new relationship

If your previous relationship has brought you more pain and disappointment than love, then it’s not surprising that you prefer to keep your distance from everyone for whom you feel sympathy and even love.

The fear that a potential partner may resemble the past and that an unpleasant situation will repeat itself is strong enough. And it is he who slows down your actions, forcing you to replay all possible scenarios in your head hundreds of times.

It may turn out that the person you like does not at all resemble your past love – neither in character, nor behavior, nor way of thinking. And if you have strong feelings for a girl, you have only two ways to get things moving. You can talk openly with her by explaining that your past relationship is hardly happy. By discussing the main points that scare or bother you, you can weigh the pros and cons and make the right decision. In addition, honesty is exactly where you need to start any relationship.

The second option is to continue to ignore your feelings, risking never getting rid of your fear of relationships and being alone for the rest of your days. It sounds a bit dramatic, but to start dating someone, you someday have to overcome yourself.

You are afraid that this is a momentary impulse

Some people find it extremely difficult to distinguish fleeting sympathy from falling in love, so they prefer to delay the moment of recognition of their feelings for a long time. Moreover, men are taught from childhood to be restrained, hide their true emotions, and not succumb to momentary impulses.

If this is about you and you want to understand if you have feelings for a girl, try to wait a bit. Talk to her, find out if you have common interests if your views on life agree, and comfortable communicating. So you will appreciate not only the person’s appearance but also his inner world. After talking with a girl you have feelings for, it will be easier to make the right decision.

You think you don’t need a relationship

If you are happy to communicate with a girl you like, but every time you have an idea to invite her to date, you pull yourself up with the question “why?”, Most likely, this is about you. You can be sure that you do not need a relationship because you have no free time, want to be free in actions, or put work first.

It seems that you have to choose – either a career or a girl. But this is not the case. When you start a relationship, you suddenly have free time for dating; you understand that having a partner does not limit you in anything and prevents you from remaining as active as you were before. The most important thing is to maintain healthy relationships and be able to find compromises.

Complexes stop you

Each person has his complexes: someone considers himself not smart enough, someone is dissatisfied with their height and physique, and someone is ashamed of their profession, considering it not prestigious. Complexes are especially clearly manifested when meeting the opposite sex, and they are exacerbated in both girls and guys. This is fine.

Everyone wants to look ideal in front of their potential partners, and when this does not work out, doubts arise whether it is worth trying to start a relationship. There is only one correct answer: of course, it is. If you are embarrassed by your profession, your height, or some other factors, this does not mean that the girl will not accept it.

You afraid of getting rejected

The fear of rejection is a common phobia that even many successful men have. Of course, no one wants to be in an uncomfortable position, especially since each of us had a similar situation in the past, which left unpleasant memories.

If you are afraid to hear a refusal from the girl you like and drag on with the recognition to the last, it’s time to change your approach to relationships. It is better to overcome your fear and honestly talk with the person, explaining how you feel, than not to do anything tormented by guesses.

You don’t know how to meet girls

Probably all of your previous relationships began on the initiative of the girls. This is the safest way to build relationships: you do not lose anything because you do not need to admit your feelings, fight the fear of rejection, worry about your shortcomings, etc.

There is only one thing: not all girls believe that men can take the first step. It may turn out that conservative views on relationships guide the girl you like.

Then, to conquer it, you will have to leave your comfort zone. In general, learn to show your feelings first – give compliments, invite her for a walk, give flowers, or a chocolate bar. And then – act according to the circumstances. If you sit back, someone else will be happy with your potential girlfriend.

You have an independent character

Lifestyle can also affect your slowness in confessions. If you have been living alone for a long time or do not have normal experience communicating with girls, if you do not want to part with your usual way of life and, as they say, change freedom for relationships, you can avoid confessions of love and sympathy.

It may seem to you that the appearance of a girl will correct your habits and limit your freedom of action, which you are not ready to agree to. The truth is that this is not the case in all respects.

If both partners are ready to openly declare their desires, needs, and vision of the situation and seek compromises together, they will not have to give up independence and freedom.

Just don’t wait until the last moment to admit that you want to visit friends on Friday night and not sit in a cafe with a girl.

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