7 strange Internet phenomena that blew up the digital space

The Internet is a controversial place. On the one hand, complete freedom reigns here; on the other, there is strict censorship of both states and corporations. On the Internet, popular science videos and ridiculous dances of schoolchildren, collecting millions of views, can easily coexist on the same site.

And the Internet is a strange place where people come up with no less strange things. Surprisingly, some of these things blow up the digital space.

1. In 2011, the Lying down game became popular (Planking)

7 strange Internet phenomena that blew up the digital space
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This trend appeared in the late 2000s and became the most popular in 2011. The essence was that the people participating in the challenge lay face down, stretching their arms along their torso and taking pictures. Why is it not clear? It is believed that this trend was launched by Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon, who in the late 2000s began to make a bar in public places in England.

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide began the challenge and posted it on Facebook and other social networks. Even celebrities joined the trend. To get the latest stories, install our app here

By the way, this trend is not as harmless as it seems. At least two victims are known. One of them fell from the balcony railing, trying to make a plank, and the other flew off the roof of a moving car.

2. In 2012, people massively swallowed cinnamon (Cinnamon challenge)

7 strange Internet phenomena that blew up the digital space
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Cinnamon is a bright seasoning that makes dishes tastier, especially pastries. If it is added in a small amount, it is simply impossible to spoil sweet dishes. However, for some reason, in 2011, there was a challenge to swallow a spoonful of ground cinnamon in less than a minute, and according to the conditions, it could not be washed down. There were also variations with nutmeg and other spices.

It is very difficult to swallow powdered cinnamon, especially in such quantities, making saliva very viscous. In addition, once it gets into the respiratory channels, it leads to severe irritation. However, seeing all these videos with panting, drooling, and crying participants, others joined this challenge and consumed cinnamon. This Internet phenomenon has captured the minds of tens of thousands of people, some of whom went to the hospital as a result.

3. In 2017, millions of people watched the birth of a giraffe

7 strange Internet phenomena that blew up the digital space
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April, the giraffe from the Harpursville Zoo, located about 200 kilometres from New York, has become perhaps the most famous animal of this species in the world. That’s because, in 2017, the zoo decided to broadcast April’s birth. To get the latest stories, install our app here

The zoo opened the broadcast to draw attention to the reduction of the giraffe population worldwide, and they certainly did not expect that it would receive such publicity. At its peak, the number of viewers simultaneously watching the birth of a giraffe reached more than 1.2 million people. April gave birth to a calf without any censorship on the air, which she immediately began to lick. After about an hour, the calf could get back on its feet.

The zoo also wanted to raise some money to care for animals, but instead of the $50,000 that they originally planned to raise, they received more than $ 125,000. Alas, in 2021, 20-year-old April had to be euthanized due to progressive osteoarthritis.

4. In 2017, a chef with extravagant cooking methods thundered all over the Internet (Salt Bae chef)

7 strange Internet phenomena that blew up the digital space

We are sure you have seen at least one video with the Salt Bae chef, who pours salt or spices into a dish, shaking them off at head level. At the same time, salt particles rolled down his curved arm and fell on the meat, which looked both ridiculous and spectacular. To this was added a mysterious image in dark glasses.

This chef turned out to be Nusret Gokce, a man from Turkey who mostly cooks meat dishes. All that gave him popularity was the same gesture with salt sprinkling meat. Moreover, his personal salt sprinkling was appreciated live by Leonardo DiCaprio, David Beckham, and other celebrities. Thanks to this, today, Nusret Gokce owns 15 restaurants worldwide, and his fortune is estimated at $ 60 million.

5. In 2019, the most popular image on Instagram was a chicken egg (The Instagram egg)

7 strange Internet phenomena that blew up the digital space

An ordinary chicken egg on a white background. Like the beginning of the MTS rebranding advertising campaign in the mid-2000s, the same egg replaced the usual logo. An Instagram user under the nickname @world_record_egg posted an image of an egg on January 4, 2019, with the comment, “let’s set a record together and create the most popular post on Instagram.” To get the latest stories, install our app here

It would seem that who would like such a post? However, in a short time, the picture received more than 30 million likes, surpassing the leader with 18 million likes – the post of American model Kylie Jenner with the news of the birth of her daughter. To date, the post has gained more than 50 million likes and, as it turned out, was the work of an advertising creative from London.

6. In 2021, traders bought cryptocurrency according to hamster predictions

7 strange Internet phenomena that blew up the digital space

No, we have not used any psychoactive substances and do not invent the greatest absurdities; this is reality. In 2021, a hamster named Mr Goxx gained popularity on the Internet, becoming a new phenomenon. All because he has become a real predictor of the cryptocurrency market.

Mr Goxx had a special cage that allowed him to choose a cryptocurrency to trade while running on a wheel. There were also two tunnels on the floor where one meant buying, and the other meant selling. Choosing one of the ways, the hamster encouraged traders to trade one way or another. All this was broadcast via the online platform Twitch.

Hamster gained popularity because his portfolio has grown by almost 20% since the start of his trading career, which was not dreamed of by the best traders like Warren Buffett and the S&P 500. Alas, the hamster died in the same year, 2021.

7. In 2015, the Internet switched from postcards to potatoes ( Potato Parcel)

7 strange Internet phenomena that blew up the digital space

In 2015, after a humorous post about images on potatoes on the American Reddit forum, a resident of Texas, USA, Alex Craig, created a website potatoparcel.com, which offered his clients to send a message to anyone in the USA and other countries on potatoes. Yes, it was just a text message on an ordinary potato, which later became possible to supplement with an image. To get the latest stories, install our app here

Do you think this stupid idea got a response from a couple of hundred people at best? As if not so. By our time, about 100 thousand people have already sent a message on potatoes, which can be considered an example of one of the most successful realizations of a joke in real life.

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