7 ways to make January more fun

How can I make January to be more fun? The party is over, the Christmas tree breaks down and the mood lighting is brought down. What remains after the festivities of December is a cold, dark month in January. We give you 7 ways to make a party of the most miserable of the months.

1. Take a photo every day

Cool, that does not have to be art with a big k. Imagine yourself to take a picture every day of something that makes you stand out or makes you happy. At the end of the month you have lots of nice snapshots to review and that will give you the feeling that January was not as miserable as you thought.

2. Create a pyjama day

Take a day off (although a day at the weekend works equally well) and hang around in your pyjamas from morning to night. Crawl under a blanket, look at your favourite TV series, eat fast food or read a good book at the headquarters: everything is possible, everything is allowed and nothing has to be done.

3. Empty the refrigerator

And no, by this we do not mean that you have to start the big cleaning of your refrigerator. Eat all leftovers from the past holidays. Wine, chocolates, cheese, … all the goodies must be gone before you can start a detox, so why not sacrifice yourself?

4. Spend a day alone with yourself

The holidays were a period full of parties and family commitments. It may well be that you have had a moment with the whole social event. Plan a day where you can just go on your own, without having to take someone else into account.

5. Call a friend

Do you also have those friends that you actually only hear through WhatsApp or mail? Call them for a chat, so you immediately know how their voice sounds.

6. Test a new drink

Do you always keep it with an old, familiar mojito or gin and tonic when you order a drink in a bar? Be surprised by a friend or the waiter and try something new. Who knows, you might discover a new favourite in this way (otherwise you have a good story about it)

7. Create a playlist

Do the cold, dark days run on your mind? Then it might be an idea to spend ten minutes making a nice playlist. Listen to it in the car on the way to work, during exercise or just to dance through the room in your underwear.

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