71-year-old man sexually abuse 89-year-old neighbor

Police in Trang, southern Thailand, arrested a 71-year-old man after he admitted abusing his 89-year-old neighbor. But when the policemen arrived, a measure of “justice” had already been given to Yap Chaiphak.

But when the police of Palian arrived, a measure of “justice” had already been given to Yap Chaiphak. Naphawan, a granddaughter of the victim, admitted to hitting Yap four or five times with a broomstick after behaving as if he had done nothing.

“I confess I lost my nerve,” she said. “Society is no longer safe – for a neighbor, doing this to my grandmother is just terrible.”

Mia, 89, was raped on Monday on an elevated platform in front of her house in the village of Ban Na.

Yap admitted what he did and was taken to hospital. His arm was broken and his ribs were damaged after the victim’s granddaughter beat him.

She intends to file charges for assault against her grandmother, Daily News reported. Mia vomits constantly and doesn’t eat. She’s in another hospital recovering from her ordeal.

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