73-year-old politician marries a 25-year-old girl [Video]

The marriage between a 73-year-old politician and a 25-year-old girl is being debated in Tanzania. Juma Kapuya, a former parliamentarian from Urambo constituency in Tanzania, married the girl on Saturday, 16th February, at a ceremony attended by family and friends.

Photos and videos of the ceremony go viral on social networks. The images show the couple exchanging pleasant greetings during the ceremony. The wedding took place under Muslim customs.

Internet users reacted to the marriage. Some think that the girl has the right to choose who she wants to marry since she is over 18 years old.

Others oppose the marriage and say that Juma Kapuya could be his father. He was almost 50 years old when his wife was born.

73-year-old politician marries a 25-year-old girl [Video]

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