8 reasons you should be courageous and start dreaming bigger

Every person’s dreams are different. Someone dreams of quite affordable and trivial things: an inexpensive purchase, another meeting with a loved one, the imminent onset of Friday, etc. And someone wants to make more ambitious plans: opening their own business, buying an apartment, moving abroad.

Not everyone dares to dream great because global dreams always make you feel afraid. You are afraid that you will not realize your plans, that you will be mistaken and lose more than you can gain, that you will be laughed at because of your excessive naivety and ambition. Be that as it may, there are a lot of reasons to dream of great things. We have collected a few of the most important ones.

You will stop worrying about regrets

You can often dismiss what you dream of because of fears. You convince yourself that it is not so important for you to achieve something, and you continue to live on as if nothing happened. As a result, after a few months or even years, you will be covered with a wave of regret for what you did not do. But the opportunity has already been missed, and all you have to do is think about what your life would be like now if you once took a chance and believed in yourself.

Don’t be afraid to dream big: go beyond your capabilities, challenge yourself and others, do what no one expects of you. This is the only way you can reach your full potential.

You will not settle for less

By being afraid, you can convince yourself that you need much less to be happy. For example, becoming a good journalist is much easier than opening your media outlet, coming up with a concept, recruiting people, etc. That is why you can give up a large-scale dream of your own business and get a job as an employee. You will be doing about the same job, but you dreamed about something else.

Never settle for less: you avoid risk, but at the same time deprive yourself of the opportunity to take life to the next level and reveal your true potential. No one can guarantee you that your ideas will be successful, but should that stop you?

You will inspire others by your example

A person who is not afraid to dream great sets the right example for everyone else evokes universal admiration and respect, shows that nothing is impossible. Remember that heroes exist in real life, and to become one of them, sometimes you need to overcome your fears and do what you want. Well, after you, your friends will rush to make their dreams come true.

You will be happy

When there is no cherished dream in your life, you can go for many months or years; it loses its meaning. You may dream of the weekend, a delicious breakfast, or a raise to your paycheck, but these are all little things that don’t make you feel happy


Ask yourself: what do you want? Let your goal be too large-scale, complicated, naive, or even stupid for someone; the main thing is to move in its direction, at least in small steps. As soon as you begin to understand that you are making an effort to achieve it, life will take on meaning for you and cease to be so boring and monotonous.

You will start to be proud of yourself

To set an ambitious goal for yourself, you must step over your fears, which is already a weighty reason for pride. You will cultivate self-confidence, take conscious risks, work hard to bring your plans to life.

The people around you will admire your zeal, and in the meantime, you will begin to feel pride that you have taken responsibility for your life and stopped looking for excuses.

You will find out how much potential you have

Starting to set ambitious goals for yourself, you understand how much potential is hidden in you. You begin to cope with your problems on your own, discover new talents in yourself, assimilate huge amounts of information in the shortest possible time, etc.

In general, having thrown away all the restrictions set by you and dreaming of great things, you are using your full potential.

You will stop trying to please someone

Even if you follow the lead of others, but their opinions and interests are above your own, you still won’t be able to please everyone. There will be someone you will not please because of your appearance, the intonation with which you speak, or just like that.

When you listen to yourself and allow yourself to dream great things, you are taking the first and most important step towards freedom from public opinion. From that very moment, you stop paying so much attention to others and focus on yourself, realizing that it is right to do so.

You will stop being led by your fears

Someday you will be faced with a choice: live by indulging your fears, or finally, start dreaming big and make those dreams come true. And if you take the risk and choose the second option, in the future, you will thank yourself more than once for this difficult decision.

You will cease to be afraid of the opinions of others, the possibility of making a mistake, disappointing someone or yourself. By freeing yourself from fears, you will be able to move forward feeling confident in yourself and not doubting that you will succeed.

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