8 ways how not to lose yourself if everyone is active, successful, and rich around you

Not only on social networks but in real life, you are increasingly surrounded by hyperproductive, successful, and rich people. Looking at them, you involuntarily begin to feel that you don’t devote enough time and energy to self-improvement and realizing your potential. The situation is aggravated by becoming “like them”; you can get confused about yourself and your priorities.

Being yourself is important in the modern world, where everyone tries to copy someone stronger, more intelligent, and more successful. This is a great value that plays an essential role in communicating with others, getting a job, choosing a life path, etc.

You have to understand that you are special, even if you can’t work 24/7, collect millions of likes on social media, eat vegan foods and change cars every couple of years. You can grow and develop without trying to erase your individuality. We have collected several ways to help you not to lose yourself.

Develop critical thinking

Even if some information seems obvious to you, it never hurts to recheck it. Some attitudes you inherit from your parents and other relatives, you adopt something from your closest circle – friends and a loved one, society has invested something in your head for years. It is important not to take all this for absolute truth; otherwise, you risk living your whole life in delusion.

Cultivate critical thinking: always ask the question, “Is this so?” Usually, when a person finds some fact that somehow supports his position, he ignores all other data. Remember, your goal is not to be right. The goal should be to obtain objective information and truth.

Find your strengths

There is no magic profession that will allow you to start making millions immediately. People who advertise their training courses or schools looking to recruit as many students as possible will promise that you will get rich quickly with your tools, knowledge, and skills. This happens in isolated cases.

In order to become successful and earn a lot, you must understand what your strengths are. It would help if you chose the area that will interest you first of all. Everything else can be easily made up: if you have the aspiration, you will quickly master all the necessary skills, find yourself a good job, and constantly improve your professionalism.


Try to honestly answer the question: “What is important to me?” If there are many successful and rich people around you, career-oriented, and you strive to become the same, slow down. Think about whether you will regret that, because of your career, you will lose the opportunity to spend a lot of time with your family, travel, live in the place where you are most comfortable, develop your own business. Set your priorities to clearly understand what is in the first place for you and what you can sacrifice to achieve the desired goal.

Stop comparing yourself to others

You look at the image created by another person, not seeing all that is carefully hidden behind him. On social networks, your friends post only the happiest moments of their life; your colleagues talk only about their achievements, bloggers share huge numbers on their accounts with subscribers, without telling what kind of work their team does every day for this. Stop believing in beautiful stories and staged photos. This is what makes you hate your routine so much.

Stop comparing yourself to others: the only person you should be guided by is yourself. No matter how cool, intelligent, and successful people walk around you every day, you are just as good as they are. You have your path, and you should not give up on it just because someone’s life seems more interesting to you. You don’t know what the other person really is.

Realize why you need to change something in your life

If you nevertheless decided to change something in your life, try to answer the question: “Why?”. Without this, you will not be successful in transformation. You must know your motives, understand whether it is your desire or this point of view was imposed on you, to realize how much your actions meet your needs. Always get to the bottom of it, and then most of the changes you planned will be irrelevant to you.

Don’t let criticism lead you astray

People have always criticized, criticized, and will criticize everyone around them. Thus, they try to assert themselves and feel important and needed, but not provide you with any help. It is important to perceive criticism adequately: if you heard it, you made conclusions and continued moving in the chosen direction. You cannot allow others to lead you astray, especially if you are confident in your choice.

Form your opinion on all issues

Always try to form your own opinion on each issue discussed. To do this, be aware of the latest news, check the information at your disposal, back up your position with facts, and as often as possible, ask the question: “What do I think about this?” So, you will become more independent from the opinions of others, and you will be able to feel confident in any situation.

Don’t give up on your dreams

People around you will tell you that your dream is stupid, funny, and completely useless. But if you listen to them, you will be making a huge mistake. You cannot let go of your dream just because someone else is unhappy with it. A dream inspires you, makes you change for the better, works on your future. Your desires and plans for the future are a part of your personality that you should not lose.

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