8 worst date places that fail

It used to be that dating was a miserable experience, but thanks to the expansion of social media and dating apps, it is not nearly as bad as it used to be. This is because both parties are aware that the other is completely unsuitable. And yet, many people continue to behave the same way as their ancestors did, either following a pattern or acting carelessly.

You shouldn’t make plans to meet a girl at the following places if you don’t want it to be the first and last time you go out on a date with her.

1. Your house

To begin, if you invite a girl on a first date to your place, you literally say to her, “I’m counting on you to give me right now.” This is true even if you do not want it to be taken that way. She is well aware that you will sit down on a couch or a bed together and that when you do so, you will casually throw your arm across her shoulders, and so on. She is aware of this entire scenario.

The second drawback is the quirks of your personality that you haven’t divulged to her because you don’t know her very well just yet, which is the reason for the first drawback. Did it come to your mind that you enjoy watching anime or that you have a s*x toy in plain view all the time? If something like this happened during the date, it would be a total loss.

2. Shopping center

8 worst date places that fail

There are indeed guys who make first dates at the shopping center. As a rule, guys expect to first sit at the local coffee shop, where they brew a delicious drink, and then stop by some store and buy a memorable gift, except that the atmosphere of shopping malls, with all the noise from the crowds of people, dirt, and a mixture of smells, is not conducive to a romantic mood.

3. Fast food restaurant

8 worst date places that fail

One of the ridiculous ways to spend a romantic evening. The phrase “let’s meet at this place, sit, and then we’ll go for a walk” sounds as infantile as possible, as if a schoolboy, with his pocket money saved, decided to show his lady of the heart that he can afford to spend on a whole burger and a soda. If you are over 20 years old, you risk feeling like teachers at school surrounded by crowds of teenagers.

4. Hookah lounge

8 worst date places that fail

There are a lot of people who enjoy hookah smoking, but not everybody does it. The fact that you enjoy hookah rapping, with the smokiness and the extended discussions of the guests, does not guarantee that the girl will also enjoy these aspects of the experience. Because the patrons of such establishments are mostly men, a hookah bar is not a romantic setting for a first date. This is at least partially because the girl will not feel safe in such an environment. After all, she does not yet believe that you are her defender. It’s not uncommon for hookah bars to cater to “hot southern boys,” who are defined by an intense desire for women and a volatile temperament. In light of this, it’s not uncommon for these men to try to steal the lady away from you, which can be very uncomfortable. In addition, you and your woman will be completely soaked in smoke, albeit with undertones of berry and mint.

5. Animal café

Animal-friendly establishments, which at one point were incredibly popular locations where not just hipsters but also those people who liked to drink coffee while touching furry pets visited, are still in business today. If you have the idea to take a woman out on a first date to a location like this, you should consider it carefully, especially if it is a surprise. Who knows, maybe the girl has an allergy to cat hair or doesn’t like animals, at least cats and dogs. Who knows?

A romantic atmosphere is not created by having animals meandering around the restaurant and begging for food. And if there are people around who use their claws to beg for food or affection, the girl will leave the date with her pantyhose torn and cuts on her legs.

6. Cinema

8 worst date places that fail

Probably the most inconsequential thought that occurs to you. First of all, even though you may be anxious and think about hugging her and then kissing her, she may be completely absorbed in what she is viewing at that same moment, which means that your awkward overtures will be refused or even generate resentment on her part.

Secondly, movie theaters are dark places, so you run the danger of grabbing the wrong spot or simply scaring her, which is especially likely if you go to see a horror movie.

7. Sporting event

8 worst date places that fail

Are you a fan of basketball, hockey, or soccer? Of course, this is a positive development, but not everyone is as committed as you are. One of the least desirable possibilities for a date is to take your girlfriend to a sporting event where your favorite team is playing, join in the general commotion of the crowd, and cuss out the other team while you are there.

Not only will she find herself amid a very hostile crowd, but she will also witness you at a less than stellar performance in front of her. And she may be suffering from boredom.

8. Expensive restaurant

8 worst date places that fail

Right off the bat, it is important to emphasize that the restaurant in question is a high-end establishment that is out of your price range. Imagine how ridiculous it will look if you try to dissuade her from ordering the dish by claiming that you do not have the funds necessary to cover such an expense while simultaneously admitting that the situation would be humiliating.

It’s possible that she’ll figure out that you were trying to impress her, and if she does, the situation will look even worse than it already does. A normal girl does not need a peacock waving his tail in front of the “female” when there is no truth behind the actions that he’s taking because that’s not what a normal girl needs.

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