Don t date her: 6 types of girls you shouldn’t date

Maintaining healthy relationships requires a lot of work because they are so complicated. You run the risk of losing everything if you do nothing. However, before you can even begin to think about working on your relationships, you need to find a good girl, which is not an easy task.

There are many different kinds of girls who have the potential to either break your heart or give you the mistaken impression that all women are the same. The following is a list of women that you should not date.

6 types of girls you shouldn’t date

1. The one who has been caught cheating before

We are aware that no one is perfect and that everyone is capable of committing mistakes. However, the same principle applies here; when someone betrays their side and joins the opposing side, there is no trust because he can change his shoes in the air more than once.

Everyone who cheated has their own story about what led them to commit the act in the first place. You might hear that she was mistreated or that the guy with whom she went to bed seemed to her at that very moment to be the meaning of her entire life or something along those lines. But consider whether you’ll hear the same excuses again if she decides to go left.

2. Obsessed with money and status

These are the same kind of stereotypical businesswomen who, to our relief, make up a small portion of the female population. It’s not hard to put together a profile of such a girl based on the things she’s interested in and the things she wants. She wants expensive gifts almost immediately after the first date, and all of her exes are wealthy guys who were merely stepping stones on her path to the goal, which is a life of ease.

She is first interested in your financial situation, status in society, and what allows you to classify yourself as important or rich. And no, this is not only about those ladies who do not work a day and say that a man should, but also about careerists obsessed with money.

In a situation with a shortage of funds, for instance, it is not difficult to determine whether or not your relationship is with a careerist. If she suddenly goes to another, you and she are not going in the same direction.

3. The one who maintains positive relationships with both of her exes

There are many issues here. For starters, you don’t know her and can’t predict what will happen in the future, such as if you have a big fight. Will she find comfort in the arms of an ex with whom she has only ever chitchatted sweetly and in a purely friendly way? Who knows?

The second problem is that you will always be sunk in a sea of jealousy. No matter how calm you are, every sound of a message from her ex will sound like thunder in your ears, leading to regular scandals. No matter how calm you are, this will happen.

4. Obsessed with public attention

Today, an increasing number of girls and even guys are like this, and there is absolutely no benefit to this trend. The fact of the matter is that the obsession with public attention and approval is analogous to drug use; over time, an increasing quantity is required to experience the same level of pleasure. Because of this, you will be in the second position, and the person with the most constant social activity will move up to the first position.

In addition to that, your entire life will be posted online almost immediately. You can forget about remaining anonymous and maintaining your privacy; even if you planned a surprise date somewhere on the lake, all of the subscribers would be aware of it. And, of course, there will be dozens, if not hundreds, of male sycophants, among whom there may be an experienced professional familiar with the best way to exert the appropriate influence on a person preoccupied with the attention of the public.

5. The one who was referred to as the “ugly duckling” in the past

We are all unique, and some guys and girls may not initially attract people because they do not conform to preconceived ideas of what constitutes physical attractiveness. And then some have the reputation of being “ugly ducklings.” They do not receive the attention of the other gender, but at the same time, they are aware of how they care for other ladies who are more attractive.

It is a surprise to everyone when these young women mature into women of beauty because everyone remembers them as unattractive. This is because these women have worked hard on themselves. You have the capability of falling for it as well, particularly in comparison to the past, but you shouldn’t. We are not suggesting that all “ugly ducklings” are inherently undesirable. We’re just giving you a fair warning to reconsider whether or not it’s worth it.

The reality is that most of the time, girls like this, just like guys, have deep-seated complexes that drive them to want to win everyone over. The woman who was once referred to as the “ugly duckling” is now capable of flirting with all the guys and responding positively to compliments without even realizing it. Therefore, you are forced to endure a constant state of jealousy while you wait for some perspicacious gentleman, who is aware of the situation, to convince her to join him by using flattering words.

6. Your friend’s ex-girlfriend

According to one interpretation of a social convention, a friend’s girlfriend ought not to arouse feelings that have a sexual overtone on them. This convention interpretation assumes that a friend’s girlfriend is analogous to a male companion. Even if they are no longer together and the breakup occurred long ago, it is still not worth it because you risk damaging the friendship, a valuable thing that cannot be traded for girls, money, or power.

Sooner or later, a girl can deliver an ultimatum: either she or he will have to make a difficult choice, which in any case, will break her heart. Therefore, it is better to avoid romantic relationships with former close friends.

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