9 worst ways to ask a girl out on a date

Let’s say you met a girl you liked, and you want to ask her out on a date. And a completely logical question is brewing for you: how to do it beautifully and not be defeated? Well, we cannot 100% guarantee you a positive answer from her side, but we can help you do everything as correctly as possible. We’ve rounded up some of the worst ways to ask a girl out on a date. If you want to arrange your personal life, we sincerely advise you not to tempt fate and not use any options below.

Ask someone to do it for you

This act can be justified only if you are 15 years old and you have never met a girl in your life. Never ask your friends, girlfriends of a girl, your mutual acquaintances, or colleagues to invite her on a date on your behalf.

At least – this is not serious, as a maximum – she may be offended by you or doubt your adequacy, and deservedly so. It is better to postpone the invitation if you are unsure of yourself or do not know how to do it. Naturally, most girls expect the first step from a guy. But a beautiful first step – so take courage, go to her or write to her. It would help if you took responsibility for your decisions and actions and did not shift it onto someone else.

Invite her somewhere just to impress

If the girl you like loves to skate, and you have never been to the rink and winter is full of trials for you, because you do not know how to keep your balance on a slippery surface, it is better to choose a normal pastime in a cafe.

Do not even try to invite a girl somewhere to make a good impression on her and immediately indicate that you have common interests. In 99% of cases, these dates end in complete failure, shame, and physical injury. And, of course, we rarely talk about a second date.

Look for other contact points with the girl: for example, you can ask her what food she prefers; ask if she likes to walk; ask her if she wants to ride bicycles or go to the movies. Suggest a place or activity that will be familiar to you to exclude the possibility of embarrassment in front of a girl and feel confident.

Do not indicate that this is a date

Taking a girl out on a date and not specifying that the two of you are going for a walk (and that this is not an ordinary walk).

Firstly, if you have already walked together or were in a common company before, she may think this is just a friendly meeting. Therefore, your appearance with flowers can take her by surprise or even scare her. Secondly, not knowing that you are on a date, she may call a friend with her, who will ruin your first impression of your time together. You will not be able to discuss anything, you will be uncomfortable, and the meeting will immediately take on a different color.

When you invite the girl you like to take a walk, be sure to tell her that you are walking together. You can also add that you want to get to know her better, and she will immediately understand that you are interested in her, and this is not an ordinary meeting.

Give her a gift

Yes, girls love gifts, flowers, and chocolates, and you will use this secret knowledge when you receive an answer. But until then, try not to give anything to the one you want to ask out on a date.

Having received a gift from you, she will feel obligated and, most likely, will respond to your proposal positively, but without enthusiasm. Better to postpone courtship: when you get an affirmative answer, you can please her with a small gift in the process of dating – it will be more than appropriate. But do not try to bribe her up to this point: it will put her in an awkward position.

Complicate the invitation

Of course, you want to invite a girl out on a date in some original way. Still, it would help if you didn’t overdo it in your quest to make a good impression. There is no need to come up with a quest, bring speakers to the windows, or invite her out on a date surrounded by many strangers.

First, such gestures will make her feel uncomfortable. Secondly, her refusal in such a situation can hurt you much more. Creativity is very good, but try to save it until the moment you start a formal relationship.

To rush with the invitation

It is possible that you fell in love with a girl as soon as you saw her. But still, try not to rush into asking you to go out on a date. First, you need to try to communicate and make sure that you know each other’s interests.

This advice is especially relevant for those who prefer to meet girls on the Internet or dating sites. If you have already called her after several days of communication to go to a cafe with you, the probability that you will be refused is close to 100%.

The girl will think that you are asking her on a date only to sleep with her and immediately disappear from her life.

Choose the wrong moment

To ask a girl out on a date, you need to choose the right moment. If a girl you like has problems, is not feeling well, has an urgent business, or is going through some traumatic event, the last thing you should do is ask her out on a date.

In this case, for her, the offer to meet and spend time in an informal setting will be equivalent to showing disrespect on her part. And this will immediately put an end to your relationship that has not yet begun.

Broadcast your insecurity

There is nothing wrong with being a little worried, stumbling, or looking away from her from time to time. Many girls find this expression cute. But if you cannot properly formulate a sentence, straighten your back, stop mumbling and at least once look into her eyes, this is a complete failure.

Before asking a girl out on a date, you must pull yourself together and mentally prepare for a conversation with her. Even if she refuses you, it’s okay, so don’t worry so much. In the end, her answer will not determine your entire future life and will not make you a failure.

Reschedule a date several times

We are all human, and we all understand that some unforeseen circumstances may interfere with our plans. In principle, you can reschedule the date but do it only once, having previously explained to the girl why this happened. If you fail to meet with her a second time, it will look suspicious, and she may doubt your intentions or your ability to take responsibility.

If you ask a girl out at a certain time, you must understand precisely when you will be free. It’s better not to rush with such a question: first ask if she agrees, then check your schedule and choose the maximum free period you will not overload.

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