A 30-year-old man fakes the death of his son [Photos]

Kafeero aka Ivan K, a 30-year-old father, shocked residents of Lusaka, Zambia, after simulating his son’s death with a log and escaping after being broken.

The lie was broken after residents gathered to mourn his Junior son, followed by a vigil. However, after the mourners insisted on seeing the dead body of the boy to give him the last respect, they saw only a log of wood in the coffin.

Although no one knows why Kafeero will simulate the death of his son, the police have long questioned the funeral team, knowing that his father had escaped in his car and was still on the run.

John Bosco Mulyowa who shared the story on Facebook wrote; “A tragedy ensues in Lusaaka, Kalisiizo Kyotera district, after a 30-year-old Kafeero, commonly known as Ivan K, announced the death of his “son” Junior. As usual, residents gathered at Kafeero’s home to mourn the death of his “son”, who was followed by a vigil. However, all hell broke loose in the night when people in mourning asked to see the body of the deceased and pay their last respects.

“The police then fought with the mourners when they tried to do justice to the crowd on Kafeero after being informed that the funeral was a hoax. The mourners have mastered the funeral directors and when they opened the coffin they found only one newspaper. In the ensuing melee, Kafeero managed to escape from his car and is still on the run. Police who had deployed to the scene subsequently arrested the funeral service team for further interrogation.”

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