Red Fiat 500 parked on the facade of a building

A red Fiat 500, parked upright on a building, intrigues the residents and attracts the curious.

Since last April 12, a red Fiat 500 is parked vertically on a building of Nantes (Saint-Herblain), in the municipality of Bellevue district, France, report BFMTV. It is actually an art installation made by the collective of Royal de Luxe.

On their facebook page, they explained why such an artistic installation.

He writes:

“Mr. Burgundy”

“It’s the story of an old, lonely camper pitching his tent on the facades of buildings like a snail hanging on a wall. Hence his name: Mr. Burgundy. Arrived at night with his small car, parked near the Bellevue market, he looks for the right place to settle. He has until April 23. Then he will spend a week camping to write stories to children from neighborhood schools. Then he will go camping in other cities,” says Jean-Luc Courcoult, director, author, and founder of Royal de Luxe

on the facebook page of the collective.

Red Fiat 500 parked on the facade of a building

In residence, since December 2018 in the heart of this rapidly changing district of Nantes, the company not only created the curious Red Fiat 500 but continues its work of creating “imaginary situations in the public space”, reports France 3.

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